Rounding up 2010

HELLO GUYSSS! Sorry all, haven’t been here for quite some time πŸ™ But how has the vacation been treating you? I hope you get some good shots too! Don’t forget to share them over at our Flickr group πŸ™‚

We have about a month and a bit to the commencement of the new semester, with Photoclub having more than twice the fun installed for all members! But before that, the club would want to do a round up of the past year, taking stock of what had happened and thank all photoclubbers for making this year such a successful one for UNSW Photoclub.

In no chronological order, or whatsoever (mainly because I cannot remember them in the perfect timeline *sollzz*), here are some of the key events/highlights that we had in 2010:

First ever roadtrip to Canberra! It was a resounding success that attracted many of our members to take part. Just by watching this video, I need not say more about how everyone had a great time together πŸ˜€ It strengthen the bond of many, and everybody learnt a great deal from each other, photography-wise.

We published our first photobook – PERCEPTIONS! It was definitely something that the club is really proud of, all thanks to the participation of all photoclubbers on the submission of the photos as well as those who purchased our work πŸ™‚ Without your support, we would not be able to publish this single-handedly! (If you would like to view the excerpts of our photobook, click here!)

Model and studio shoots were hot properties! Places were taken up in the shortest time you could ever imagine. They turned out really well with all participants having great shots to share over at our Facebook fanpage! (You can also view them here.)

Other outings were also very well-received by our members. 2010 saw us going to places that are less ordinary. One good instance would be the abandoned tram sheds over at Glebe. Another would be the Sydney’s Art and About Festival.

In the midst of all the fun we were having, we did not forget to do our bit for charity. Together with Cupcakes by M, we helped raise funds for RSPCA by selling the beautiful cupcakes on campus. We raised a total of $877 for the association, giving shelter to the homeless pets. Thank you Cupcakes by M, our patrons and everyone who helped in one way or another πŸ™‚ All photos and recount of that day can be viewed here.

2010 is also the year when 500 pieces of membership cards were all used up! Our membership’s exponential growth is one of our greatest achievement, and is definitely the reason that propels us to improve our workshops and events for the coming semester πŸ™‚ Join us if you are still aren’t a member! And if you already are, do not hesitate to bring your friends along to our O-week stall or our tutorials and outings. Membership is available throughout the year πŸ™‚

A special mention of thank you to our sponsor – Georges Camerafor their unwavering support!

Georges Camera
387 George Street Sydney
Ph: 02 9299 2323

Once again, thank you every single one of you Photoclubbers! It is certainly with your presence, support and passion for the club & photography that made 2010 such a wonderful and memorable year for UNSW Photoclub! We look forward to joining hands with all of you once again in the coming year for a better 2011 πŸ™‚