Meet The Team

Henry Kan (President & Communications Manager)

Henry is a third-year student who studying Aviation (Management). He likes to take different kind of photography such as landscape, long exposure and cityscapes. Moreover, He likes to edit picture while he’s on free. Outside of photography, he enjoys travelling around and willing to find out difference traditional cultures around the world. 

Maggie Yu (Vice-President)

Maggie is a third-year Commerce student. She is most interested in street and travel photography while wanting to experience more film photography. Upon spare time you will find her all around Sydney taking candid photographs with her Fujifilm cameras. Growing up in New Zealand, she also has a passion for hiking and kayaking.

Adrian Lee (Treasurer)

Adrian is a third-year student studying in city planning. He started photography just because he likes buses when he was small. And now, he is more interested in taking event photos. Apart from photography, he also like racing car and loves to race in a simulator when he is free. 

May Wu (Secretary)

May is a third year advanced science student who loves all kinds of photography and takes special interest in portraits. Other than photography, she likes watching anime and language learning recently. 

Bryan Marshall Wong (Arc Delegate & Discord Coordinator)

Bryan is a 3rd year student studying Civil Engineering with Architect. He is addicted to carrying his camera around whenever he goes out. He is into cityscape and nighttime photography. Other than photography, Bryan is also a game developer, a weeb and a car enthusiast, maybe you will meet him on Asetto Corsa one day! He also dislikes coffee and alcohol… 

Anika Tahsin (Events Manager)

Anika is a third year Economics and Computer Science student. She loves going out with her friends to experiment with her camera and likes to use them to practice taking portraits. She also likes to read, watch sitcoms and play video games in her spare time.

Vigna Shagan Ganesan (Marketing Manager)

Vigna is a third year Mechanical Engineering Student. He got into cameras during high school through the influence of tech youtuber MKBHD. What started as an admiration for the tech behind modern cameras soon turned into a hobby in photography.  Although he shoots primarily on digital, he does own a couple film cameras and has great interest in film photography. When he isn’t with his camera, he mostly occupies his time with movies, books and video games. 

Samiksha Bhargava (Design Coordinator)

Samiksha is a Graphics and UX/UI design student. Her passion for photography started with her wanting to capture the sky and the landscape around her. She is currently interested in learning astrophotography and animation.

Angela Chelvan (Design Coordinator)

Angela is a 3rd year commerce student who likes taking pictures of nature, people landscapes or anything that captures her eye. She likes to bring her camera whenever she can and snap some photos to capture the moment. She also likes playing table tennis, listening to music, travelling around Australia and to other countries and exploring new places in Sydney with her friends. 

Chingseang Fang (Events Coordinator)

Fang is a second-year environmental engineering student who enjoy taking sunset photos, travelling, and watching Korean dramas. She really like taking pictures with digital camera as well as Polaroid picture as it gives her a sense of being in the moment.

Gloria Liu (Events Coordinator)

Gloria is a sophomore commerce student. Passionate about landscape photography, she’s always in search of breathtaking cityscapes and serene natural scenes. Roaming the streets, she captures candid moments that echo the city’s spirit. Her photographs are not mere snapshots but narratives of human emotions, fleeting moments, and the dynamic urban landscape. 

Saakshi Vijayvergiya (Events Coordinator)

Saakshi is a first-year computer science student. She’s an avid film photography enthusiast and loves storytelling through photos. Apart from that, she loves music and writing poetry. 

Chinno Sarmiento (Communications Coordinator)

Chinno is a second-year Actuarial student. He got into photography while borrowing his dad’s camera when he was younger whenever they would travel. Nowadays he uses photography as an opportunity to get out and explore different places, mostly doing landscape, travel, and a little street photography. Besides photography, he enjoys cooking different dishes for his family and playing soccer with his friends.

Lucas Xia (Events Coordinator)

Lucas, currently in his second year studying Electrical Engineering, is passionate about street, landscape, and humanist photography. He firmly believes that every captivating photo should have an equally compelling story behind it, capturing the very essence of photography. As an avid explorer, Lucas loves discovering new places and connecting with many people. Outside of photography, he is an enthusiastic pianist and an ardent tea lover.

Sheridan Duong (Events Coordinator) 





Sheridan is a second-year Vision Science student, whose interest lies in capturing the beauty of outdoor scenes. As she ventures on a journey to hone her photography skills, she seeks to nurture her storytelling abilities through her lens. 

Garima Khali (Design Coordinator) 

Garima is a second-year Postgraduate student pursuing her master’s in Design with a specialisation in Communication design. She is captivated by the art of storytelling through her photography and videography and is passionate about nature, street and architectural photography. An explorer by heart, Garima loves outdoor adventures and connecting with new people. Besides photography, she is a passionate ukulele player and a published co-author.   

Vanessa Ng (Design Coordinator) 





Vanessa is currently in her fourth year studying Architecture. She enjoys documenting natural landscapes and taking aerial photographs from airplane windows.  

 Nathanael Jason (Design Coordinator)





Nathanael Jason is a Graphic and UI/UX Designer who enjoys exploring visual storytelling through photography and design. With a deep appreciation for capturing the beauty of everyday moments, Jason finds joy in photographing various subjects, including landscapes, street, cultural events, and portraits. Through his work, Jason strives to offer a fresh perspective and evoke emotions, aiming to connect with people on a deeper level.

 Hugo Tang (Competitions Coordinator)

Hugo is a First-year student majoring in Commerce. He enjoys using rangefinders and takes both digital and film photography. Hugo also travels a lot and has a great passion for street photography and portraits.

Joshua Axén (Competition Coordinator)

Joshua is a first year student studying aerospace engineering. Most interested in landscape and vehicle photography, but tries to keep an open mind for all scenarios. He’s Swedish born and lived in Japan for 5 years, loves sushi and ramen. There’s a 90% chance that he is listening to Spotify right now. 

Abraham Howis (Competitions Coordinator)

Abraham or Abe for short, is a first year student studying Architecture. He got into photography through his love of visual arts which eventually progressed into Photography. He’s interested in street photography, especially capturing photos of people and imagines it as an art canvas of sorts. Outside of photography, he’s into arts and basketball. 

Lachlan Ha (Events Coordinator) 

Lachlan is a first year student studying Commerce and Computer Science. He has a deep passion for street and travel photography, who is also currently pursuing his Freelance photography journey. When he’s not holding a camera, you’ll see him watching the F1 or MBL. He is also a huge watch enthusiast! 

Anisha Goyal (Communication Coordinator) 

Anisha is a second year Aerospace Engineering student. She loves landscape and architectural photos and dabbles in portrait photography. Outside of photography you can catch her woodworking, crocheting and (trying to) keep her plants alive.

Elsa Lyu (Website Coordinator) 

Elsa is a first-year Mathematic and Computer Science student. She is mainly interested in landscape, nature, street-view and bits of portrait photography (where she takes pictures for the actors and airdrop them at the stage door). Apart from photography, she enjoys basically anything besides eating capsicums. (she is also extremely interested in fish for some reasons

Milton Yam (Communication Coordinator)

Milton is a first year student in Aviation Management. Taking photos with friends is one of the most enjoyable moments in his life. He was intrigued by landscapes and animals that’s why he loves embracing himself into the nature and capture precious moments of life. 

Ethan Adia (Communication Coordinator)

Ethan is a 2nd year mechanical engineering student who loves photography’s ability to extend into all aspects of life. Whilst also doing photography and videography as a side hustle, he enjoys shooting landscapes and cityscapes whilst travelling. You’ll find him at the gym or exploring outside of studying 

Anisa Fok (Communication Coordinator)

Anisa is a first year actuarial/commerce student who enjoys capturing life’s candid moments, mainly landscapes, wildlife and occasionally portraits. She is also an amateur with mechanical film, working towards her first roll that doesn’t come back blank!

Scott Ho (Communication Coordinator)

Scott is currently a first year Aerospace Engineering student, already deeply in debt to the Sony overlords. He enjoys a bit of everything when it comes to photography. From sunsets and wildlife to automotive architecture he somehow still manages to fill a SD card in half an hour, 99% of which won’t see the light of day. 

Sunny Chen (Communication Coordinator) 

Sunny is a first year Computer Science student who enjoys landscape and especially film photography. His favourite colour hue is orange for those golden hour sunsets out in nature. Outside of photography, he is also an aviation fan and enjoys reading. 

Ryan Wang  (Communication Coordinator)

Ryan is a first-year Aerospace Engineering student. He is an avid aviation enthusiast and his love for flight extends throughout his photography. He enjoys planespotting at the airport as well as taking photos of aircraft from both the inside and outside! He is also passionate about taking photos of landscape, buildings, and vehicles. Beyond photography, he enjoys travelling (especially on flights) to explore more of the world and he is also interested in technology and music. 

William Lin (Job and Sales Coordinator)

I am a second year Commerce and Arts student. I got into photography after finishing my HSC. I spend most of my time shooting street and travel photography and have been wanting to try out videography. Other than photography, I enjoy watching movies, play games, and spend time with my cat.