Studio Lighting Workshop!

Have you been waiting for these studio shots? Well, after some post-processing, some of our photoclubbers posted them on the internet, and you might have seen them on Facebook.

In no order of merit or preference, here are the shots! It’s perfectly normal if you are hyperventilating, or your heart beat three times faster, because these photos are nothing less than awesome! Some of our photoclubbers have websites/flickr accounts, so click on them for more!

These following two are from Mr Secretary, Peter! Jess, the third model, is such a natural in front of the camera. And with the additional art direction from Clarissa, and make up from Christine, they turned out really well!

Andrew’s shots from session #2!

And these are Joseph‘s shots from Jess again.

Jeff‘s shot from Session #2 as well!

These are certainly not all the photos from the workshop, so click on those individual links to check out their shots and give them some internet love <3! Also, you can check out our Flickr group here. We encourage you to post your photos on group’s discussion page to share, and learn as we’ll hold our first critique/slideshow night for Sem 2 on the week after the mid-sem break!

Another gentle reminder for all, have you register for Canberra roadtrip? Remember registration closes in just a week, on the 13th of September. If you haven’t, and would like to join, you’d got to hurry! Details are here.

Half a semester is over, we hoped you had enjoyed our tutorials and outings so far. Have a good break, and we’ll come back for bigger and better events! Schedule for the remainder of the semester had been updated here, with newly-added PET photography for all animal-lovers and product/food photography! Most excitingly, ANOTHER STUDIO WORKSHOP will be held in Week 11. Those who missed the first workshop, do keep a CLOSE lookout!

In addition, if you are up for any photography project over the mid-sem break, and wish to loan a DSLR, remember you can always approach us for camera rentals! Check them out here, or simply drop us an email!