Themed Competition: Campus 101 (DEADLINE EXTENDED)

New year ahead, and what better way to explore the campus than to take photos for a chance to win hundreds of dollars worth of prizes! For the first competition of the year, we are teaming up with UNSW to seek the best photos of our campus!

Whether it’s the campus architecture and interiors or the interactions between people that happen within it, be sure to find new perspectives and capture unexpected wonders!

If you are feeling stuck, check out the examples to get some inspiration! 

Prizes are plentiful!
1. $200 Georges Gift Card
2. $100 Georges Gift Card
3. Charing Cross Print

rewards also include shout-outs on UNSW’s Insta account!

Please add #UNSWPCCAMPUS to the description of your submission

Some Tips and Hints from Our Judges

1. A good and strong photograph usually does not need a title or caption to ‘tell’ us what’s going on. Think about what you want to convey – take into consideration the composition and framing of your photo.

2. Think about the various techniques you can use, such as playing with lighting or textures.

3. Think outside of the box. This month’s theme allows you to be creative and push the boundaries.

Only have a phone? No Problem!
We don’t care what device you use. Know its limitations and work within the confines.

About the UNSW PhotoClub Challenges

At PhotoClub we FOCUS on improving our members’ photography. Our challenges aim to do that by DEVELOPING your abilities. It’s also an opportunity to get some good EXPOSURE. And if that’s not incentive enough, we do have prizes for our winners. So why not take a SHOT for this month’s challenge?

Challenge Details and FAQ’s

How do I submit a photograph?
1. You first submit photos directly into our Facebook group: UNSW PhotoClub 2020 (Please add #UNSWPCCAMPUS to the TOP of your posts in our Facebook Group.)

2. AND then by email to (subject: CAMPUS101_zID) – please include your insta handle in the email.

Challenge Period
Deadline is the 8th of March at 23:59*
* Photos after the deadline are welcome but will not be judged.

How many photos can I submit?
Maximum: 2
Sometimes you can’t choose between a few so you can upload a maximum of 2 per challenge.

Am I allowed to post-process photos?
Yes. Feel free to enhance photos and apply minimal improvements (sharpness, colors, etc.). No heavy photo manipulation will be allowed.

Can I submit old photographs?
We prefer to see what PhotoClub has taught you, but it’s up to you! As long as a photo or a close derivative has not appeared in any other competition including our very own PhotoBook or a previous challenge, you may submit it. And the photo has to be yours of course. Please DON’T include any watermarks.

Photo Usage Conditions
UNSW and PhotoClub have the right to use any photograph submissions at any point for marketing or other purposes including but not limited to social media and print publications. Don’t worry, all your work will, of course, be credited…and who knows, you may even win a prize!

However, all are welcome to submit.

The UNSW PhotoClub Challenge Teams

Prizes sponsored by our partners: UNSW, Georges and Charing Cross!

Shoot us a message or reply to this email if you have any questions about the current challenge! And then afterward feel free to have a chat to us with your photograph for feedback and advice!~ We want to see you submit a photo(s) that reflects our themed challenges. We will judge entries based not only on these criteria but also on other photographic components.