Week 4: Photographing People

Week 4: Photographing People!

Date: Friday 22nd August 2014
Time: 4pm-6pm
Location: Chemical Science m11

Most of us photograph people. Be it our friends, family, strangers, and even ourselves. We also photograph people for many reasons like portraiture, fashion, street, photojournalism etc. This Friday, we will be teaching you things to allow you to take photographs of people the way you want to, and translate what you want to ‘tell’ others about the person you photograph, through the photograph.

If you don’t have a ‘proper’ camera, it’s okay. This class won’t be dependent on the gear you have, and concentrate more on helping you take photos with what you have and the conditions you face.

Also, this tutorial will be split into two components; the educational part where we teach you, and the critique part where we look at photos you’ve taken and try and figure out what can be improved to make your photos better! If you want any of your own photos critiqued during the tutorial, send the photos to myles.kalus@gmail.com with the title “Photo Critique”. Don’t be scared of submitting! Getting feedback on your photos is one of the best ways to improve your photography dramatically!

Please rsvp here via Facebook
*This event is open to Photoclub members only (please bring your membership cards)

Point of Contact:

Myles: +61 504 529 977
Brian: +61 468 519 351


Week 4: Archibald Prize 2014 Portrait Exhibition! 

Date: Saturday 23rd August 2014
Time: 2pm-4pm
Cost: $10 Concession, $12 Adult
Location: Meet outside the Art Gallery NSW.

After learning about portraiture photography, why not head down to the Art Gallery of NSW with Photoclub, and view Australia’s most extraordinary art event; The Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes. The Archibald Prize is Australia’s biggest painted portrait competition and has been held since 1921. Even though the portraits are painted, it doesn’t change anything; the way you compose and figure out the best way to portray a person is still the same in both visual mediums.

So, if you’re keen on seeing some of Australia’s best portraits, come and join us for this outing!

For more information visit:

Please rsvp here via Facebook

*This event is open to Photoclub members only (please bring your membership cards)

** If you don’t own a camera or would like to borrow the clubs camera please shoot an email to mail@unswphoto.com

Point of Contacts:
Myles: + 61 450 452 977
Connor: +61 415 843 115