The Wonders of Light & Portraiture

One month had passed since the start of the semester! We’re into week 4, and I must say there’s more and more exciting events coming up πŸ˜€ This week’s workshop will cover what I reckon is the top favourite of many member’s genre of photography – Portraiture!

We will be covering the techniques of Portraiture Photography which includes posing, composition etc etc. And the powerpoint does include many many pretty photos of people! (Ok, that’s a lot of Ps there :P) That’d probably take up an hour of the workshop. In the second hour, we’ll be taking you through the most important factor of Portraiture Photography. That is, Lighting! We’ll discuss about the importance of lighting, particularly natural lighting, and how to make good use of the sunlight to enhance your photo!

If you are interested in shooting people, shooting outdoors, it is recommended that you come for this workshop coming Friday. Especially for the 27 of you guys who signed up for the Model Shoot this coming Sunday, I would say this workshop would be ideal in preparing you for the actual model shoot lest you find yourself floundering around on that day πŸ™‚

And if you are wondering if you need to bring along your camera for this workshop, our suggestion is you’re NOT required to do so πŸ™‚

This workshop is again open to UNSW Photoclub members only, so please bring along your membership cards for identification. Muchly appreciated πŸ˜€

Take note of this carefully:

Date: 25th March 2011, Friday

Time: 4 – 6pm

Venue: CLB 6, Central Lecture Block (campus map here)

Any enquiries that you think we may be able to answer you regarding the workshop, feel free to contact:
(although I reckon all that you need to know can be found somewhere on the net πŸ˜› website, facebook, email….)

President Clarissa @ +61 421 796 998
V. President Renny @ +61 401 027 192


This weekend, there will NOT be an outing due to NSW State elections on Saturday, and the Photoclub Model Shoot on Sunday. Don’t worry, outings will resume on next weekend.

But for the 27 of you guys, get excited and start searching for ideas! And do check back on Thursday for a brief rundown of the shoot!


Competition: Theme of the Month

REMINDER TO ALL! The Theme of the Month Competition is still ongoing, though with just a few days left (9 days to be exact). So do send in your entries πŸ™‚

To save you from clicking around the website for details, here’s a quick one:

Each member is entitled to submit one photo for each competition, which is running from the 1st of March to the 31st of March. These submissions must be relevant to the theme that had been allocated for the month. For March, our theme is HAPPINESS! And submissions can only be made via email. For more detailed rules and regulations, hop over to this page.

Same rule applies, open to UNSW Photoclub members only.


Remember THIS FRIDAY! We’ll see you at the workshop then πŸ™‚ Till then, have fun at lectures and tutorials!