Term 3, Week 9, PhotoTalk: Architecture Photography + PhotoBook Reveal w/ Food + Drinks

Term 3 Week 9 PhotoTalk: Architecture Photography + PhotoBook Reveal w/ Food + Drinks 

Date: 11/11/22 (Friday) 

Time: 16:00 – 18:00 

Location: Mathews 103 



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  1. M. Pei once said that “Architecture is the very mirror of life.”

As photographers, it is our goal to mirror the essence of life around us. 

Architecture photography is not about taking photos of buildings, nor is it about taking photos of unique buildings.  

It is unique in that it is an intersection between two artforms. 


In this PhotoTalk, come to learn and appreciate the patterns and mirrors of life that exist in the built environment we inhabit every day. Learn to see photography opportunities in places you may least expect them and learn to see something new in what you’ve already seen. Learn where to look, and what to look for. 


So, join us this Friday as we build this artistic intersection between architecture and photography. We will also be unveiling our much-anticipated 2022 PhotoBook and awarding our prize-winners so sign up now! 


Hang around with us afterwards for FREE food and drinks!! Let us know if you have any dietary requirements. 


This event is FREE but due to limited space, we will require you to sign up to secure your spot and let us know of your availability as a part of our COVID-19 infection control measures.

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This event is open to 2022 PhotoClub members only. 

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