Term 2 Week 5 PhotoTalk: Drone + Plane Spotting w/Drinks 

Drone + Plane Spotting w/Drinks

Term 2 Week 5 PhotoTalk: Drone + Plane Spotting w/Drinks 

Date: 01/07/22  

Time: 16:00 –17:30 

Location: Chemical Sciences M11 


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This Friday, we are going to talk about drone and plane spotting. Flying drone is always not easy, our executive will share with you some techniques on how to operate a drone and what you need to be aware of when flying. 

Besides that, we will be cover plane spotting as well. Our executive, who had experience in doing plane spotting at multiple airports around the world, is going to give you some tips and tricks on how to do plane spotting, so you can get some great shots for your favourite aircrafts! 

Hang around with us afterwards for FREE Drinks! Let us know if you have any dietary requirements. 

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