Semester 1, Week 2!


Week 2 Friday Tutorial: Portraiture!
Week 2 Outing: Studio Shoot!
Week 3 Friday: Social
Week 3 Outing: Cockatoo Island
Week 4 Tutorial: Motion Photography
Week 4 Outing: Collab with TrickSoc
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Week 2 Tutorial: Portraiture!

Date: 09/03/2018
Time: 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Location: Central Lecture Block 7

Points of Contact:
1. Christopher Cunio: +61 418 262 554
2. Jocelyn Wong: +61 449 526 957

Another week, another tutorial! Ever wanted to take aesthetic photos of people, but never known how? This Friday we’ll have a portraiture tutorial presented by Dylan Kim, who has great experience in such photography! He’ll be teaching you some tips and tricks behind the daunting task of taking photos of people. Last week was just a taster, but this week will be the full length tutorial – so there’s much more to learn!

Please RSVP by clicking ‘going’ here on Facebook.

*This event is open to 2018 PhotoClub members only (please bring your membership cards).
**If you have not signed up, you can do so at this event!

Banner photo taken by: Sean Liang

Week 2 Outing: Studio Shoot!

Date: 10/03/2017
Time: TBA In Separate Email
Location: Surry Hills (Exact Address In Separate Email)

Points of Contact:
1. Christopher Cunio: +61 418 262 554
2. Benjamin Lou-Wong: +61 439 043 948

We have a new initiative for you this year! We’ve booked a studio in Surry Hills, there will be the full setup including lights, models, backdrops etc. You will have the chance to take as many photos as possible in the studio environment within an hour.

The attendance for this event has reached the limit, unfortunately there are no further slots. If you signed up for this event, you’ll get an email regarding your outcome this week and further details. Be sure to check your emails.

For those that missed out, we hope to hold one in the future!

Please RSVP by clicking ‘going’ here on Facebook.

*This event is open to 2018 PhotoClub members only (please bring your membership cards).


Date (A): 06/03/2017
Time (A): 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Location (A): Library Room 404
Date (B): 09/03/2017Time (B): 11:00am – 12:00pm
Location (B): Library Room 206

Our workshops are designed for beginners – to teach them all the basics about photography.

This week, we will begin running Workshop A – Exposure. This workshop is a simple introduction on how a camera works. It familiarises you with the exposure triangle, which includes aperture, ISO and shutter speed, and how to use the camera to manipulate them.

Please RSVP here(Tue) or here(Fri) if you are going.

Next week, Workshop B – Focus, will begin running. It will give you a complete breakdown of how a camera focuses, its different focus modes and how to use them to your advantage. We will also be covering some other basics including depth of field, dynamic range and white balance.

The workshop times will be posted in the UNSW PhotoClub 2018 Facebook group – join it here if you haven’t already!