Week 6 Semester 1 2017!

Good morning everyone! Let’s say hello to another great day

Let’s begin by thanking everyone who came to the film tutorial last week. We hoped we sparked even a little interest in something that may be lost in the decades to come.

And high five to those who came to last week’s big collaboration event with our close friends, UTS Photography Society. We’re amazed by all the great pics you’ve all taken. Don’t forget about the competition as well.

While we’re on the note on seeing other societies, here’s a reminder of the massive event with ADSoc (Adventurer’s Society) and UNSW Campus Runners Society – RunSoc, which is KAYAKING. If you’re disappointed that we’re not having a mid-semester road trip, then this is the opportunity to have your PhotoClub fix and more. AND YES there will be a competition as well for the best photo of the day, for a chance to win one of last year’s photo books.

If you’re not too busy today, PLEASE DO COME to the tutorial. We’ve managed to get the legend, Heesoo, in. Do come to get an insight into the mind of this genius. I, personally am struggling with the anticipation  PIZZA and drinks this week as well.

If that’s not enough, there’s an opportunity to practise your newly learned skills, at our first, night photography event for the year. Do come to practise your light painting and other shenanigans.

Lastly, take care, it may be a hard week for some of us, but we’ll push through.

-Damien, President