Hoodie Design Competition

This year, UNSW PhotoClub is running a hoodie design competition. We’re inviting you to come up with a design to feature on a hoodie that will be produced by PhotoClub for everyone!

The design does not have to adhere to a particular theme to encourage more creative designs! With that in mind, please note that the design should be photography-related in order to reflect the spirit of the club.

The creator of the winning design will receive a copy of the 2016 Photobook. Additionally, he or she will also receive a free hoodie printed with their design.

The design must adhere to the following criteria:

  • The UNSW PhotoClub logo must be incorporated into the main design.
  • The design space includes the front and back of the hoodie, but does not include the sleeves. Note that the front of the hoodie may have a zipper. Please ensure the middle of the front is free from any design.
  • The logos for our sponsors Arc, Georges and Charing Cross must appear somewhere on the front or back of the hoodie (does not have to be prominent). These logos must be in their original colours or silhouetted in either black or white.
  • The base colour should be a part of the design.
  • Design submissions must be at least 1500 x 1500 pixels large and 300 ppi or equivalent.
  • Each individual is allowed up to 2 submissions.

Please submit:

  1. An image file (.jpg or .png) of your design.
  2. The hoodie template with the positioning of your design.

(For transparent backgrounds, please submit a .png file)

Submit your entry to mail@unswphoto.com. Please label the subject line of your email as “Hoodie Competition 2017PCXXX(with 2017PCXXX being your PhotoClub ID number provided on the back of your membership card).

The deadline for submission is 23rd April 2017 (end of mid-semester break).

If you have any questions about this competition, please send an email to  mail@unswphoto.com.

*The competition is open to current 2017 UNSW PhotoClub members only.