Week 13!

Random stuff:


Friend us cause we love you: unswphotoclub

And also cause Ash will be Snapchatting this year’s end of year ROAD TRIP to Port Stephens and Newcastle and the content will probs be ‘M’ rated for ‘Mature Language’.

This week:

Week 13: Pizza and Photobook Collection!

Date: 28/10/2016
Time: 5pm – 6pm
Location: Chemical Science M10

Points of Contact:
1. Chris +61 418 262 554
2. James +61 418 802 929

It’s the last week of semester, WHEW! So we thought, why not celebrate with one last FREE pizza night whilst we hand out this year’s annual Photobook?!

If you haven’t ordered your book yet, then you can reserve your spot by filling out this form here. Please give us your $30 by handing over cash on the day, or by using the details on the from above to do a bank transfer. Thank you kindly!

*If you plan on having pizza you MUST RSVP by pressing the ‘going’ button here on our event page.

**If there are any special dietary requirements, please comment them on the event page and we will do our best to cater; e.g. vegetarian, no cheese etc.

***This event is open to PhotoClub members only (please bring your membership cards)

Other Exciting Stuff:

Our End of Year Road Trip!

Are you feeling DONE with uni and itching to travel? Well do we have the road trip for YOU!

On the 22-24th November, we will be heading to the stunning lands of Newcastle and Port Stephens to celebrate the end of another fantastic year and we would LOVE to have you with us. All you need to do is read and fill out this form here and you’re on your way!

But if you absolutely can’t make it because your unicorn isn’t farting rainbows anymore and you need to stay at home to feed it candy, then feel free to follow us on Snapchat (username: unswphotoclub) cause you’ll get live updates of the festivities, as well as videos of Kris trying to drive. It’ll be like you were there, I promise.

PHOTOBOOKS are for Sale!

‘Perceptions’ 2016, our annual Photobooks have been printed and are now up for grabs at this Friday’s Pizza Night!

The price is only $30 each for Arc and non-Arc members (great value seeing as the book is amazing quality and SUPER thick with 2016 PhotoClub talent) so feel free to fill in the form here to reserve your book!

You can pay the $30 by using the details on the form to do a bank transfer, or by giving us cash at our event on Friday. Details are above, and the link to our Facebook event is here!


If you’re not connected with us through Orgsync, you can do this by creating an account by clicking this link and then accepting the invitation to the group.