Week 9 & 10 Semester 2 2016!

Hey guys, it’s James, Fred, Joseph and Ben here with the latest in all things PhotoClub.

Before we went on our mid – semester break, we had the privilege of hosting Simon Park, a prominent food photographer and blogger, to give us a talk on the different ways we can capture and tell a story through food. Along with this captivating presentation, we were given the chance to practice our newly found techniques on an amazing spread of food that was also as delicious as it was vibrant.

Week 9 was a week of relaxation and rewinding. PhotoClub collaborated with UTS PhotoSoc and had an afternoon BBQ at Pirrama Park followed by some landscape photography by the seaside, and some portrait fun with each other. We expect more collaboration with UTS PhotoSoc in the future!

Last Friday, we put on our thinking caps as we showcased our astounding ability to recall “highly important and relevant” information in the PhotoClub annual Trivia night! It was amazing to see the teams deliberating over the questions as if they were experts in the particular topics (some of the questions were tricky!) and everyone most definitely learned something new that day.

Congratulations to this year’s winning team Tweens (Ash Thornton, Gillian Thornton, Lewis Clark and James Gougousidis). You guys are unofficially the smartest people in Photoclub!

Also, big shout out to the organising/judging team Charlotte, Joseph, Chris and Sid for making the night happen! After that mental workout, we had pizza and drinks as we chat, bringing the night to a close.

Finally, last Saturday we took a trip to Hyde Park to visit the outdoor galleries as part of Art and About. The Australian Life gallery showed off some amazing shots that provided insight into the differing lives of many Australians. We continued on to the Little Sydney Lives gallery, which showed us how even the youngest photographers can inspire with their art. After a quick feed, we then headed over to Darling Harbour where we witnessed and photographed an amazing firework display.

This week we have no outing, however tomorrow (Friday) we have a videography tutorial so see you there!