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Week 11: Videography!

Date: 14/10/2016
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Location: Chemical Sciences Building M11

Points of Contact:
1. Eileen T +61 434 108 141
2. Freddie +61 468 316 848

We thought we’d change things up a bit and have a tutorial on videography!

Come along this Friday to learn about what to include in videos – ranging from formal interviews to fast paced montages. There’ll be many example segments from videos so we can discuss what did and didn’t work.

Please RSVP by clicking ‘going’ here on Facebook.

Whether you’re interested in producing films or are new to videography and just want to see what it’s all about, this is for you!

Other Exciting Stuff:


Did you know about our coverage program? It’s an opportunity to practice your event photography skills in a relaxed environment! There’s not much obligation and expectation, so photographers of any skills are welcome!

Currently there are 3 opportunities hosted by UNSW Enviro Collective and SOAP (Society of Orchestra and Pipers). Follow thislink for more details.


Just a quick reminder to let you know our monthly competition with the theme ‘patterns’ closes TONIGHT (11th October 2016) at 11:59pm, so now’s the time to send in your last minute submissions!

To submit, just share your photos to our Facebook sharing grouphere and include #UNSWPCPATTERNS at the top of your description.

Good luck!

End of Year Road Trip!

Check the separate email for details and GET EXCITED!


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