Week 6 Semester 2 2016!

Hello! Eileen and Freddie here. Hope you guys had an amazing week with us learning from Myles and his tips on fashion photography and also, trying out new and wild things at the Blackwattle Bay outing on Saturday!

Myles offered a preview of what one can expect when pursuing a career in fashion photography. TLDR, it’s not an easy road! Myles spiced the tutorial up with his personal experiences and encounters in fashion photography, debunking common myths and misconceptions associated with the industry along the way. Thank you Myles for taking the time to speak to our members and Check out Myles’ work @: http://streetstyleaustralia.com/

Saturday took a big turn of events and members went on a wild photowalk and became light benders right in the heart of Sydney. Joseph suddenly transformed into a hokage and Iris became our fearless model willing to risk her life to be showered with sparks. And thank you, Benjamin for risking his hair for Photoclub. The team really hope you have taken a big step in bending light and trying out different styles of photography!

Peace out yo.