This week:

Week 5: Food Photography with Simon Park!

Date: 26/8/2016
Time: 4pm – 5:00pm
Location: Chemical Sciences Building M11

Point of Contacts:
1. Eileen Tsui +61 434 108 141
2. Damien Ching +61 415 288 647

We all love food, and clearly from the overwhelming amount of posts on Instagram, we love taking photos of it too! But sometimes our photos aren’t as mouth-watering as the real deal. If you’re keen to know how to get your photos looking cookbook professional, come along this Friday and learn from one of the best in the business.

Please RSVP by clicking ‘going’ here on Facebook

Simon Park is one of the finest food and lifestyle bloggers Sydney has to offer. Being the man behind “The Heart of Food” he explores the realm of food photography one bite at a time. Simon has been published in Gourmet rabbit and has been involved with a number of commercial and private projects including the high profile SMH “Shoot the Chef” competition.

Simon’s Blog:

Week 5 Outing: PhotoClub goes to Brainwave Cafe!

Date: 27/8/2016
Time: 3pm – 5pm
Location: Brainwave Cafe

Point of Contacts:
1. Ben: +61 439 043 948
2. Damien: +61 415 288 647

If Simon Park’s demonstration left your mouth salivating and an itch in your camera hand, fear not as PhotoClub makes sure to settle your cravings in our first ever collaboration with the amazing folks of Brainwave Café. Join your PhotoClub friends, new and old as we take on the fabled Instagram art of making all your friends jealous through food, as well as the most important part, actually eating said food.

IMPORTANT: Spaces for this event will be limited to a MAXIMUM of 20 people due to organisational reasons for both us and the café owners.

If you wish to attend, please fill out this google form here.

We will be meeting at 14:50 (2:50pm) at the Grand Concourse at Central Station and then we’ll be proceeding towards Brainwave Café. If you wish to meet us direct, the exact address is 732 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007. The closest railway station is Central, if you have difficulty finding your way there or are late please do not hesitate to contact us.

This event will be go ahead, rain hail or shine.

Things to bring:
• Camera – DSLR, Compact, Film, Phone, Instax, as long as it takes pictures!
• Money – At least $20
• A keen eye, an open mind and an appetite

Other Exciting Stuff:

Photobook Competition 2016

Entries are NOW OPEN for our 7th Annual Photobook Competition!
TO SUBMIT: please send your images to

But before you do, it’s also important that you read the Terms and Conditions here so you know the correct way to send through your images.

As stated in the Terms and Conditions, your submissions must reach the PhotoClub by 11:59 on Friday 2nd September 2016.

Have another read of the Photobook Competition email we’ve sent you previously for information about categories and prizes.

Good luck!

Workshop E!

You asked for it? We’re bringing it to y’all! We bring you Workshop E, digital darkroom.
Workshop E introduces the work-flow involved with using RAW image files in Adobe Lightroom. This includes library management and post-processing of photos to alter the tone, colour and detail of your photographs.

Workshops will now be posted on our Facebook page here instead of OrgSync.

If you’ve missed out on early workshops and would like to request a specific one, please give us a message to let us know 😀


If you’re not connected with us through Orgsync, you can do this by creating an account by clicking this link and then accepting the invitation to the group.