UNSW PhotoClub AGM – Electing New Execs for 2011/2012

PhotoClub AGM (Friday)

Date: Friday, 26th August 2011

Time: 4:00PM – 6:00PM

Location: Lecture Theatre M10, Chemical Sciences Building

As most of you know, the PhotoClub’s AGM (Annual General Meeting) is on Friday! We hope that you have had ample time to think about running for a position (It’s almost 3 weeks since we sent out the AGM emails). We will be announcing the winners for the 2011 PhotoBook as well during the AGM. Pizzas and refreshments will be provided after the AGM.

Nominations will close at midnight on Thursday, 25th August 2011. You are welcome to nominate yourself or a friend to run. Please send your nominations to mail@unswphoto.com. Do note that all candidates are required to make a brief 3 minute introduction.

Do note that one is required to be a current executive for at least 12 months to run for President and at least 6 months to run for Vice-President.

To date we have received quite a number of email queries and nominations from you guys and we hope to see more.

If you are this unsure whether to run for a position, here’s a recap of some of the pointers you may want to consider:

– Why do you want to be in the (position) of management team of the PhotoClub?

– What is your aim for the PhotoClub?

– How do you think you can contribute to the continued development of the PhotoClub?

– Are you able to attend at least 60% of team Meetings, PhotoClub Tutorials and/or Outings?

– Are you able to commit time to the PhotoClub beyond the above stated requirements, while balancing your study/work schedule?

Each member of the manangement team has an important role to play. The positions available for the 2011/2012 :

1) President (Clarissa Lum)
– To lead the club, ensuring it functions effectively

2) Vice President x 2 (Andrew McIntyre & Renny Toh)
– To assist the President and oversee all executives and is responsible for all the day-to-day operations within the club

3) Secretary (Wilson Leung)
– To be responsible for receiving and replying to all correspondence on behalf of the club
– To keep relevant club papers in order

4) Financial Officer (Alfred Tjen)
– To keep and maintain all club financial records
– To be aware of the Arc funding system, it’s requirements and its possibilities for the club

5) ARC Officer (Gabriel Kalkbrenner)
– To liaise with the Arc and the club’s Management Team

6) Marketing Manager (Kelvin Mui)
– To be responsible for receiving and replying to all correspondence pertaining to marketing on behalf of the club
– To maintain relations with current sponsors and further develop sponsorship opportunities

7) Event Manager (Adam Abdul Rahim)
– To be responsible for coordinating all events organised by the club
– To maintain relations with past guest speakers and explore options for future guest speakers

8) Communications Manager (Unfilled)
– To be responsible to the club’s website and its social media accounts.

In addition to the core management team, executives will also be appointed. So if you are unsure about commiting to a senior position but still keen to help out, you might want to volunteer for the executive role.