Digital Darkroom + Coastal Walk

Another week beckons, which spells another installment of Photoclub workshop! This week’s workshop is all about the post-processing of photos, and we’ll be teaching you the basic skills of Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3, and how to make good use of the tools available in these two programs!

This time round, you will not be sitting in a lecture theatre and listen/take notes. This workshop will be a hands-on experience! Nope, you don’t have to bring your own laptop and better still, don’t have to worry about not having these programs in your computer because we’d booked computer labs for you guys! You will have access to computers that already have PS CS5 installed. All you have to do is follow the demonstrations to learn how to use them! Simple as thaaaat :D:D:D (But if you feel that you’ll be more comfortable using your own laptops, feel free! Trial versions of CS5 and LR3 can be downloaded at!)

Due to the limited number of spaces available in the computer labs, registration for this workshop is essential. We’ll be holding 2 separate sessions, 1.5 hours each. Both sessions will cover the same content, so just register for the time that’s best suited for you. First come, first served bases πŸ™‚

For a rough idea of what are some of the techniques that we’ll be covering in this workshop:

1. Colour and lighting enhancements (Curves, sharpness)

2. Air Brushing

3. Content Aware – that’s a tool to remove unwanted objects in the photo, without distorting the picture! Trust me when I say this is VERY USEFUL. But makes you a taaaad lazy! πŸ˜›

4. Working with different file formats.

5. Workflows

6. AND MOOOOREE! (Possibly Liquifying as well, making you look slimmer, brawnier, better complexion and (fill in your own expectation of a perfect photo!)

Date: 1st April 2011, Friday (This workshop is NOT a April’s Fool prank! We WILL be there, we’ll see you there!) (And no, please don’t play a prank on us by registering and not turn up. We’ll cry.)

Time: First session at 3 – 4.30pm. Second session at 4.30 – 6pm

Venue: Robert Webster Building (Opp Red Centre). Details will be emailed to you once you’d registered.

And if you are asking how you can register? YOU REGISTER HERE!

Cameras are not required for this workshop.

I say this in every post, you might get sick of reading this part of the post, but I regret that I’m gonna say it again hehe. This workshop is open to UNSW Photoclub members only. Please remember to bring your membership cards for identification. Trespassers shall be prosecuted!

Do RSVP via Facebook too!

Point of Contact:
Miss President Clarissa: +61 421 796 998

Mr VP Renny: +61 401 027 192


Next up. Digital Darkroom Hands-on Critique session

Our dear members, you are welcome to pop in at any time during the aforementioned location and time with your photos for any advice on how to improve them by using Photoshop or Lightroom. Our club execs are experts at post-processing, and they will show you how!

Especially to those members who just done the Model Shoot yesterday, it’s highly recommended that you bring in photos from the model shoot for this session. And to allow everyone to have a chance to get some constructive advises from our club execs, each member is limited to bring up to 4 images. Everyone wants a turn πŸ™‚

We regret to say this, but there will be no Pizza night this week due to time and location constraints. We will be holding the Pizza Night next Friday instead!

Here comes my signature line: *I really want to sound like the Public Announcement lady, the one you hear at train stations when the train is arriving* The above event is open to UNSW Photoclub members only. Do remember to bring your membership cards for identification!

If you are unsure of anything regarding this event, ring Nick or Clarissa:

Nick: +61 402 419 993

Clarissa: +61 421 796 998


And our weekend outing resumeeees! This weekend, we’ll be holding a coastal walk Β – Watsons Bay & South Head. If you like to do landscape photography, or particularly coastal landscape, or if you simply just wanna walk along one of Sydney’s wonderful coastal walks, JOIN US this weekend!

We will be taking the ferry from Circular Quay to Watsons Bay, where we will be taking a quick stop at the Gap before heading over to Camp Cove and walking the loop track to South Head (and back), shooting landscapes all the waaaaay!

(I reckon the above sentence that I just made is just a string of the names of places. Let me attempt to do this again.)

1. Circular quay to Watsons Bay via ferry
2. The Gap
3. Camp Cove
4. South Head (and back)

Ok I’m satisfied. This is clearer πŸ˜›

We’ll appreciate it a lotttt if you are punctual for this outing, because we don’t want to miss the ferry! Which ferry? This ferry! We will be catching the ferry at 2.10pm, and then the 5.40pm or 6.10pm ferry back! Kindly also note that the ferry is an external transport cost that is not covered by the club.

Date: 2nd April 2011, Saturday

Time: 2 – 6pm

Location: Meet at Wharf 4, Circular Quay

*drumrollls* Open to UNSW Photoclub members only. I know you might run the risk of dropping your awesome-looking membership card into the waters but we still need you to bring them for identification purposes πŸ™‚

Anytime you have any questions regarding the coastal walk, give Renny a call at +61 401 027 192!


This post is getting verrrryyyy worddyyyy and verrryyyy loooonggg. But I have to remind you that its the FINAL THREE DAYS to the end of the monthly themed competition! Your finaaaal chance to submit entries for March. Competition closes THIS THURSDAY! Hesitate NO MORE guys!

If this is your first time hearing of this competition, KEEP CALM AND READ ON (you are not losing out on anything):

The theme for March is HAPPINESS.

Duration is from the 1st of March, to the 31st of March. So like I already said, you have three days left to submit your entries!

Submission is only valid via the club email.

Rules, regulations and other details can be found hereeeee.

If you have any questions regarding this competition that has not been answered anywhere on the web, feel free to email us, or post your questions on our Facebook event page. We social media junkies will get back to you asap!

Open to UNSW Photoclub members only. Nope, no need to bring membership cards for identification πŸ˜›


Okay I took quite a bit of time writing this, so I hope I did not miss out on any details that you should know. What you’ve to do now is to take down all the dates and venues and times, and don’t forget to REGISTER for the workshop this Friday!

Till then, have a blast over these last few days of March!