Keep Shooting: Week 3

All I remembered doing was blinking my eye, and now it’s WEEK 3! Time really doesn’t wait, so you shouldn’t hesitate to come for our tutorials and events! Week 3 is packed with even more amazing stuff that I don’t think you would ever wanna miss. Read on for deeets :D:D

This coming Friday, the tutorial will touch on Street Photography and Peter will take us through that πŸ™‚ We’ll explore its history, development and the methods to taking good shots for street photography!

Street photography is a type of documentary photography that features subject in candid situations within public places. So if you wanna take photos like that, you should make yourself free for Photoclub on this Friday.

On top of Street Photography, we will also be discussing about some legal issues that Photographers like you and me might face in general, as well as specifically with Street Photography since this type of photography involves shooting in public places and we don’t want you to end up in a fight or get sued just cos you wanna get a good shot πŸ˜› As a photographer, I would think it’s crucial for you to know your rights as to what you can and cannot snap! So come on down this Friday for our workshop to know mooooore!

Date: 18th March 2011

Time: 4 – 6pm

Venue: CLB 6, Central Lecture Block

Also take note that on the same day, the exec team will take the first 15 mins or so to conduct an EGM as we’ll be expanding the Executive team to cater to the groooooowing number of members we have this year!


After the tutorial, do not disappear into thin air! Because, like week 1, we’ll be again having the Pizza Critique nights for all of you πŸ™‚ Second critique session of the semester, and we hope you will join us in sharing your photos with the rest of the club to receive constructive feedbacks as we nom on slices and slices of pizzas πŸ˜›

The above two events are exclusively open to UNSW Photoclub members only! To attend, you’d be required to flash your membership cards to us for identification!

And if there’s anything regarding the workshop and critique session, you can feel free to contact our P or VP at:

President Clarissa: +61 421 796 998

Vice President Renny: +61 401 027 192


Just like any other week, the workshop comes in a package deal with an outing! This week, we will be doing a photographic walkabout in the city and it’s more exciting than ever because this outing has, not one, not two, but THREE parts to it! So do take close notice of the time/venue for the different parts, especially so if you would like to join us halfway through πŸ™‚ Each section of the outing is optional, one part or two parts up to you. But it’ll be awesome if we have you for the entire outing!

Part One: Annie Leibovitz Exhibition

This is a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art, to view an exhibition of some of the stunning works of the well know photographer, Annie Leibovitz. We recommend this as a great experience leading up to our tutorial next week on Portraiture.

There is an entry fee of $10 for this exhibition. (Student Concession)

Date: 19th March 2011

Time: 3.45 – 5pm

Venue: Outside MCA, Circular Quay


Part Two: Walkabout at The Rocks

The main portion of the outing would be this walkabout. Our exec team will lead you around Circular Quay, and the historical area known as The Rocks. We will be walking (be sure to be wearing a pair of comfy shoes!) from our meeting point, and exploring the nooks and crannies of the area. Very good opportunity for you to put what you learnt to practice on Street Photography!

Date: 19th March 2011

Time: 5 – 7.30pm

Venue: Wharf 6, Circular Quay


Part Three: Darling Harbour Fireworks

After a break for dinner, we will be moving over to Darling Harbour to hopefully catch the fireworks display that should be happening at around 9pm. If you want to get some good shots of the fireworks, remember to bring along your tripods, cable releases, and any other equipment that you may need for night photography πŸ™‚

Date: 19th March 2011

Time: 8.30 – 9.30pm

Venue: Outisde IMAX, Darling Harbour

At any point in time you are not sure where the club is for the above three parts of the outing, you can always ring the execs for directions. Take their number down at:

Kelvin Chua: +61 432 098 129

Adam: +61 433 012 802

Renny: +61 401 027 192

The above outing on Saturday is also open to UNSW Photoclub members only. Please remember to bring along your membership cards for identification. Thank youuuu πŸ™‚