Week 1 Semester 2 2017!

Welcome back PhotoClubbers! I hope everyone is well rested and has been out shooting over the uni break. I know our fellow travellers to Melbourne have been! UNSW PhotoClub has kicked off semester two with a cracking BBQ, enabling new and old members to get to know each other as well understand what PhotoClub is […]

Week 11 Semester 1 2017!

Good Morning PhotoClubbers! With exams right around the corner, I hope all that studying isn’t stressing you out! A big thank you to those that attended UNSWFabSoc fashion photoshoot last Wednesday. I’m sure everyone’s social media has exploded with thousands of followers and likes! It was a huge success and I hope to have many […]

Week 9 Semester 1 2017!

Good Morning PhotoClubbers! I hope you’ve all had a somewhat good week, even if uni is stressing you out! Thanks to those that attended Kim Brewster’s motion photography tutorial last Friday. I’m sure you’ll agree with me in saying that it was an excellent presentation with stroboscopic demonstrations and great insight into her field of […]

Week 8 Semester 1 2017!

Hey PhotoClubbers! I hope you’re not too bogged down by assessments, giving yourself some time to relax is important too! First thing, a massive thanks to the Trivia organising team (Christopher, Iris, Damien, and Eileen) for putting so much time and effort into creating unique and funny Trivia challenges. Especially those multiplication questions, it sure […]