Points of Contact:

1. Jia – +61 404 514 903

2. Izzaldin – +61 423 388 884

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Too much ISOlation burning you out?
Miss weekly gathering sessions at uni?
Keep losing FOCUS while doing your assignments?
Want to improve your FRAME of mind?

Come hang out with us in our Discord server where we’ll be having a night of chill and casual games to end another week of uni! Join us for some friendly banter, witness the creation of the next Picasso drawing in skribbl.io, watch as your friend’s DARK humor DEVELOP in Cards Against Humanity, Jackbox Games and more!

Don’t want to be EXPOSED to more bad puns? Hurry up click and join via the link below!

PhotoClub Discord server: https://discord.gg/8jb5n2H

*Access to the Discord server is for 2020 PhotoClub members only (please do not share the link with non-members).

Not a member? Sign-up online: unswphoto.com/join-us