Week 6 – Animal Photography


Week 6 Tutorial: Animal Photography
Week 6 Outing: Plane and Car Spotting (Avsoc & Carsoc Collab)
Week 7 Tutorial: Film photography
Week 8 Tutorial: Outdoor Portraiture w/ Guest Speaker & Model
Week 9 Tutorial: Sculptures By The Sea

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Week 6 Tutorial: Animal Photography

Date: 25/10/2019
Time: 4:00pm – 6:30pm
Location: Chemical Sciences M11

Points of contact:  

Ted: +61 431 015 802  
Michelle: +61 405 025 163  

*RSVP by clicking ‘going’ on the event*  

PhotoClub is about to get WILD! Literally! 

In this week’s ANIMAL (incl. wildlife) PHOTOGRAPHY tutorial, we’ll be sharing the tips and tricks of capturing photos of animals, covering things like the equipment needed, camera settings, composition ideas, and many more! 

Hang around with us afterwards for FREE pizza & drinks!! Let us know if you have any dietary requirements. 

But wait, that’s not all! We’ll also be joined by our FLUFFIEST guest yet, JASPER THE SAMOYED, who is guaranteed to be the most NATURAL model ever. So BRING YOUR CAMERAS as this is a photoshoot you wouldn’t wanna miss! 

This event is open to 2019 PhotoClub and Arc members only (please bring your membership cards).  

Week 6 Outing: Plane and Car Spotting (Avsoc & Carsoc Collab)

Date: 27/10/2019
Time: 1:20pm – 5:30pm
Location: Tyree Building 

Points of Contact:
1. Ted: +61 431 015 802
2. Chris: +61 418 262 554

*RSVP by clicking ‘going’ on the event*

Meet-up info: Tyree Building. Meet at 1.30 to catch 1.45 Bus, do NOT be late please~

Zoom zoom and vroom vroom, week 6 is here and PC is bringing you back to your favourite beach, “The Beach” for plane and car spotting!

Lowkey one of my favourite outings, take this chance to get up close (not that close) and personal with those flying, logic defying hunks of metal. You’ll probably want to bring your zoomiest lenses as we are still a fair distance from the plane.

After taking your fair share of planes taking off, you can go back to the parking lot where Carsoc will rock up with their pimped-out wheels, ready for some fast and furious camera action.

Items to bring could include:
* Camera (!!)
* Zoom lens(es)
* Tripod
* Comfortable and warm clothes
* wet weather gear(optional)

This event is open to 2019 PhotoClub, Avsoc and Carsoc members only

Not a member? Sign-up online: unswphoto.com/join-us

PhotoClubbers, want to borrow some equipment for free? Check out the list at: unswphoto.com/equipment


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