Week 3 – Campaign Photography


Week 3 Tutorial: Campaign Photography (GUEST SPEAKER, PIZZA, DRINKS)
Week 4 Social: Skyzone
Week 4 Outing: Studio Shoot
Week 5 Tutorial: Urban Photography

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Week 3 Tutorial: Campaign Photography w/ Pizza and Drinks

Date: 21/06/2019
Time: 4:00pm – 6:30pm
Location: CLB 6

Points of Contact:
1. Michelle: +61 405 025 163
2. Ngy: +61 406 770 807

*RSVP by clicking ‘going’ on the event*

Campaign photography is becoming one of the biggest tools within the marketing and social media landscape and is being hailed as one of the most important assets to a photographer’s arsenal.

With the elements of product photography, studio/flash and outdoor settings to fast industry deadlines, it’s basically what you see when you scroll through social media with products that are unveiled to influencers, ambassadors, reviews and more -all wrapped up as the visual assets used in PR package and branded launch events.

For this unique topic, we are joined by Vienna Marie, a disciplinary designer from Redscope Films who has worked within the industry for 5 years where she will chat about her own experiences within campaign photography.

Working with brands such as Sony, DJI, Seagate Technology, Adidas and more, she is featured as one of DJI’s Osmo-Pocket official campaign content creators, a Seagate Technology case-study speaker and as one of Sony Australia’s go-to photographers/videographers.

Join her as she gives a raw and insightful look of what the industry is looking for today in terms of profiling brands correctly and swiftly.And hang around with us afterwards for FREE pizza & drinks!! Let us know if you have any dietary requests.

*This event is open to 2019 PhotoClub members only (please bring your membership cards).

Studio Shoot

Date: 29/06/2019
Time: By appointment
Location: TBC

Link to sign-up: https://forms.gle/m5yTRFWZZvJTPBoL8

Studio’s been booked, models will be ready, execs are excited, and
all that’s missing is you. Yes YOU!

Earlier this year, we promised to hold one Studio Shoot each term in 2019. We’re proud to announce Term 2’s Studio Shoot is coming your way and all you have to do is to sign up!

Get a professional studio shoot experience for absolutely FREE with PhotoClub this weekend at one of our most requested events ever. Featuring models, a professional studio, backdrops, lighting equipment, props and more!

We ask that afterwards you provide some of the photos as a thank you to the models! And if you do post their pictures online, be sure to feature their names/Instagram handles! Don’t worry if you’re unsure about your pictures, many of us are just starting out, and there will be guidance from our execs~


This event is FREE but due to limited space, we will require you to sign up to secure your spot and let us know of your availability. Link to sign-up: https://forms.gle/m5yTRFWZZvJTPBoL8

Due to limited space and availability, it is on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis, so sign up ASAP to secure your preferred time slot. You will be emailed prior to the event with a confirmation of your outcome, timing and further details.

*This event is open to 2019 UNSW PhotoClub members ONLY. (Please bring your membership card)

Sony Discount

SONY is giving us 25% off of their products.

Offer ends on June 24, so be quick!!

How: simply show your membership card to SONY and the discount price will be applied

Where: SONY stores at Chatswood, Parramatta and Castle Hill

Contact details:

Chatswood – 9887 6668 skchatswood.au@sony.com
Parramatta – 9887 6667 skparramatta.au@sony.com
Castle Hill – 9887 6669 skcastlehill.au@sony.comCheck out this fb group post for products and prices!


Our workshops are designed for base skills – to teach all the basics about photography.

Workshop B will give you a complete breakdown of how a camera focuses, its different focus modes and how to use them to your advantage. We will also be covering some other basics including depth of field, dynamic range and white balance.

18/06/2019 : 3:00pm – 4:00pm : Library 408

The workshop times will be posted in the UNSW PhotoClub 2019 Facebook group – join it here if you haven’t already!


We just wanted to make sure everyone knows that you can borrow equipment from our club for FREE! We have:

– 2 DSLRs ?? (Nikon D3000, D3400)
– Fuji XT-100 mirrorless ?
– 35mm lens (Nikon) ?
– 55-200mm lens (Nikon)?
– Flash (Nikon) ?
– 2 x tripods

Want to borrow something? Check out this link and email! – mail@unswphoto.com.