Week 7 – Mobile Photography


Week 7 Friday Tutorial: Mobile photography
Week 8 Friday Tutorial: DIY photography
Week 9 Monday: Circusoc collab

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Week 7 Tutorial: Mobile Photography!

Date: 05/04/2019
Time: 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Location: CLB 6

Points of Contact:
1. Michelle Wu: +61 405 025 163
2. Ngy Chung: +61 406 770 807

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‘We all know how to use mobile to shoot photos, but do you wanna become an expert in mobile photography??

Here’s the chance!

Join our tutorial for the NEWEST and the most trendy photography skills. This tutorial includes introduction to mobile photography, top mobile apps, inspirations and live demos. You won’t wanna miss this!

*This event is open to 2019 PhotoClub members only (please bring your membership cards).

Blue Mountains RoadTrip

Blue Mountains!

1st-2nd June 2019

What’s Included?
Accommodation, ALL activities (including Scenic World) and ALL food

Sunday 7th April 23:59 (Week 7)


Have you been waiting? Well we’ve got the first photography trip of the year for you! We’re off to the Blue Mountains 😀

We’ll be observing the majestic scenery, riding the Scenic World cable cars and train, exploring Wentworth Falls and the Leura Cascades and experiencing more photography activities/hot spots! We will also of course seek astrophotography on Saturday night!

All food will be included, lunch and dinner on the first day and breakfast and lunch on the next! Please note transport will be by train using an opal card. It will be a max of ~$10 for the whole trip.

There’s lots of fun to be had, from the activities, to spending time with fellow enthusiasts and meeting new friends and most importantly, forming lasting memories.

Price for ARC members is ONLY $125, and $140 for non-ARC members.

If you wish to go, please fill out the following google form: https://goo.gl/forms/GqrsqB8hFEWqGbx13

If you have any questions about the trip, feel free to message us on Facebook or email us:

*This is open to 2019 PhotoClub members only. If you are not a 2019 member yet, don’t worry, simply add $5 to the RoadTrip cost and let us know!