Week 10: Workflow Tutorial!

Week 10: Workflow Tutorial!

Date: Friday 11th October 2013 
Time: 4pm-6pm 
Location: Tyree LG03 & LG05

Have you ever lost your photos in a hard drive crash?
Are you stuck trying to edit the thousands of photos you took last holiday?
Do you want more people to see and like your photos?In this week’s tutorial we will be looking at the photographic workflow- every step from capturing to sharing your pictures.Topics covered in this tutorial include importing, organising, backing up, editing/ processing and publishing your photos.This week the PhotoClub is running the tutorial in a new way. Everyone has a different process when it comes to photography, so the best way to learn about photographic workflows is to ask other people what they do! We will be breaking into a number of smaller tutorial rooms to help create the right environment for discussion. But don’t worry– our execs will still be running the tutorials with slides and helpful information.

*This event is open to PhotoClub members only – Please bring your membership cards

Please RSVP Here via FacebookPoints of Contact:Greg: +61 403 186 243

Prugs: +61 434 836 566

Week 10:   NO Outing this week!

There will be no PhotoClub outing this weekend, but here are some things that are on this weekend that you can check out:

Art & About Sydney
Date: 20th September 2013- 20th October 2013

Art & About Sydney is a collaborative arts festival where every street, laneway, building site, intersection and thoroughfare is a canvas for creation and storytelling.

Check out the website for more details.

Sydney Camera Markets!
Date: Sunday 13th October 2013
Time: 10am-2.30pm
Location: Ultimo Community Centre, 40 William Henry St, Ultimo NSW.
Cost: $2 Entry.

If you are looking for some new gear, check out the Sydney Camera Markets this Sunday where you can grab a bargain on some photographic gear such as cameras, tripods, filters, lenses, accessories and much more!