Week 11: Macro Photography

Macro Photography

Date: Friday, 5th October 2012
Time: 4pm – 6pm
Location: Central Lecture Block, Lecture Theatre 6 (Upstairs)

Ever wondered how photographers are able to capture stunning images of insects or small
jewellery like earrings? Well, this week, we shall be delving into the world of photographing
the little things. We will be covering the basics and techniques commonly used in macro
photography. Also, Georges has kindly lent us a few macro lenses for us to use after the
tutorial! You’re welcome to bring along some of your own things to photograph and test out
your newly-discovered macro abilities!

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* This event is open to PhotoClub members only – Please bring your membership cards!

Points of Contact:

Kevin: +61 416 446 204
Felicia: +61 423 712 081


Weekend Outing 

There will be no event this weekend but we are planning some big ones for the upcoming weeks. Use the break to get work done and look out for another email about the sculptures by the sea and end of semester roadtrip!


Membership Renewals

It is $5 for Arc Members or $10 for Non-Arc/Non-UNSW Students. To renew your Photoclub membership for next year, come fill out the form before one of our Friday tutorials in the next 2 weeks.