Week 7: Long Exposures – Night Photography

Hope you guys gained new knowledge with Edward Hor’s words, and had great fun over the weekend at the Studio Model Shoot! ๐Ÿ™‚ And here’s the start of another week, and the events that you can look forward to at the end of this week areeeee…..

Well, photography started with light. Without light, there’s probably nothing we can capture of. So what happens when night falls? Are we entirely handicapped? You can find out what we can do with our cameras at night, if you come for this week’s workshop! Because, we will be discussing all about Night Photography from the equipments you need to the techniques you can use in order for you to take better photos in the dark!

Same time, same venue, we’ll be at:

Date: 15th April 2011

Time: 4 – 6pm

Venue: CLB 6

Open to UNSW Photoclub members only. Please remember to bring along your membership cards for identification!

If you have any queries about this event, feel free to contact:

Clarissa: +61 421 796 998

Renny: +61 401 027 192

Also, please take note that this is the last workshop before the mid-semester break as the following Friday is GOOD FRIDAY! Stay tuned for outings though!


On the same day, we will also be holding a Light Painting session and try our hands on some Night Photography on campus! If you haven’t already know, light painting is done mainly by using various sources of light (eg: lighter, phones) to create fun and funky artwork. Or simply, just have lots of random fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

For this activity, you may want to bring along torches if you have them. Or gears like tripods, and definitely your camera!

Also open to UNSW Photoclub members only. Similarly, bring along your membership cards for identification.

Do contact Clarissa and Renny if you have any questions!

Date: 15th April 2011

Time: 6 – 730pm

Venue: Meet at Scientia Lawn


As for the weekend outing this week, we are gonna do a city nightscapes walkabout! Previously, we had a city walkabout in the day, now we’d be doing this in the dark! And it’s gonna be as pretty, or even prettier!

We will be walking to Pyrmont Point Park, where we will be mainly shooting the nightscapes of the city. And perhaps, have more fun with lightpainting there!

After which, we will take a walk back to Darling Harbour, and most probably stopping at various stops along the way. There may be a chance that we will catch the some fireworks, on top of the nightscapes of the city! However, whether or not we can catch the fireworks display depends on how much time we spend at Pyrmont Point Park and also the time we need to walk back to Darling Harbour ๐Ÿ˜›

Once again, bring along your tripods, cameras and torches!

This event is also open to UNSW Photoclub members only. So do remember to bring along your membership cards for identification purposes.

Date: Saturday, 16th April 2011

Time: 530 – 9pm

Location: Meet at the EAST END of Pyrmont Bridge, Darling Harbour


In other news! We’d started a new project for all of you Photoclubbers! It’s called the PHOTOCHAIN!

Do participate in it nowwww!

But before you do so, we’d prefer you read the rules before posting ๐Ÿ™‚


Hope you had a not-bad Monday (to have a greaaaat Monday is almost impossible :P), and have a awesome week ahead as you count down to Friday when we meet ๐Ÿ˜€