Model Workshop Registrations *CLOSED*

Hey Guys! 

You may have heard a few of us occasionally mentioning about ‘Model Workshops’, or if you were a member in the last year and never got a chance to go… well this year the Model Workshops will have more availability and also BETTER. However it is on a First-come-First-serve basis! Visit our website to preview model shoots from the past year.

Date: Sunday, 27th March 2011
Location: UNSW Kensington Campus


What is the Model Workshop about?
In short, our model workshops allow you to work in teams and experience photoshoots outdoors. Each person in the team will take turns in controlling light with reflector, being the creative director (guiding poses), and photographer. Of course we won’t throw you in cold, next week’s tutorial on Portraiture will be useful and our Execs will guide you through, providing tips and feedback during the session. You don’t need to have a SLR, the club is happy to lend you our Nikon D3000s for the session (provide own SD card). Please request SLR prior to session. This is definitely a good experience if you want to improve your skills in portraiture and get an insight into fashion photography and photos from the day could contribute to your portfolio.

This is NOT a free Event!
There are costs to be shared in order to achieve the best results and have already been heavily subsidised by the club and ARC. You are paying for a Professional Model, Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist.

  • $26 ARC PhotoClub Members
  • $30 / Non-ARC PhotoClub Members
  • $40 Non-UNSW Students

Each session will generally run as follows:

  • 8 Photographers per session
  • Duration of 3 hours
  • First 10 minutes – shooting as a group
  • Rest of the session: Individual photography time with model at each location (time varies depending on schedule during the day)
  • During session – feedback from each other and Execs
Some simple Terms & Conditions
NO SNIPING ALLOWED– Unless during group shooting. Sniping meaning, taking photos from afar or nearby while photographers are having individual time with the model. If sniping occurs, members will be given a first warning, subsequent infringements will result in removal from the photoshoot and possibly barred from attending future model photoshoots. 

Group shooting isn’t the main objective of the workshop! While you wait for your turn, you are expected to decide on how to pose your model, where to go or getting feedback from Execs etc.

OKAY. I want to do this! How do I sign up?


By registering, you are committing to attend, and pay for the session.
We will notify you when all the sessions have filled up whether you have made it in or not. If successful, we will ask you to deposit/netbank the cost to a bank account. We have over 450 members, and there are 32 slots available. From previous shoots in the past, workshop allocations generally fill out within 24 hours of announcement. (Even within the hour!)

Should you have any queries, please drop us an email! :

Otherwise, do not hesitate and sign up now!

Kind Regards,

Clarissa Lum