Orientation Week 2011

Greetings and salutations, fellow Photoclubbers! How has the O-week been for all of youuuu?

Before anything, I’d just like to inform you that the Calendar and Executive List had been updated, as of 27th Feb. Do check out the calendar here, for the tutorials and events. As for the cool bunch of people running the club, you’d only need to click here to know who’s in charge of what!

Now the O-week. If there’s only one word to describe the entire week, I’d say AMAZING. Simply simply amazing. The number of people that signed up/renewed their membership with us made up 1% of the entire uni! At present count, we achieved a record high of over 400 members under the club’s name. Omg how awesome is that? :D:D:D

The team (and Obama) at the O-week booth!

Busy times at the booth.

Even busier times! But we were so glad that we were kept so busy.

Everyone getting excited in the presence of a camera. With just a camera, life is good! 😛

Vice president shooting you!

President Clarissa and Secretary Wilson busy at work!

Checking out the camera that we set up for time-lapse!

Adam promoting the club to potential members!

Making their mark as one of us! Welcome to Photoclub 😀

Those who signed up, thank you all soooooo much! And we hope you’re as excited as us in the coming tutorials and events, spending more time learning from each other and simply making new friends! It’s this coming Friday! I’ll update you guys with the tutorial and event details in the next post which I’ll do up as soon as the details are confirmed. So, do stay tuned to this website for mooooore!

For those who missed O-week, and are itching to sign up with us, I’m sure you’re pleased to hear that membership is available throughout the year. Just drop by at any of our tutorial and we’ll sign you up on the spot! Reeemember, it’s never too late to join us yea? :):):)

Webmaster, signing out. Live long and pop corn 😛