Week 10 Events!

It’s week 10! It’s gonna be end of the semester very soon, but the events lined up for all our Photoclubbers out there are still as interesting!

For this Friday’s tutorial, the photography genre that will be discussed and taught is Street Photography. How much do you know about Street Photography? It’s basically a type of photography dedicated to capturing the candid moments in public spaces such as parks, beaches and well, streets!

So in the tutorial, we will cover the following aspects of Street Photography:

1. History of Street Photography
2. Techniques on how to get good shots on Street Photography
3. Equipment to use
4. Who are the famous photographers in this are?
5. Modern street photography
6. Legal issues and controversy

Last but not least, this week’s tutorial will wrap up with our fortnightly pizza night!

Besides winding down a busy week with free pizzas in hand, don’t forget about the photo critique session that will take place concurrently with the pizza night. So do upload your photos onto our group on Flickr here. Alternatively, you can just bring them along in your USB. Very simple!

Above two events are open to UPA. Proof of membership is required – PhotoSoc, Exposure and PhotoClub.