Annual Photobook Competition

I think we need drumroll for this. This is not just any announcement, but in this post, we are announcing the…

Launch of UNSW PhotoClub’s first Annual Photobook Competition.

This is our first time holding a photography competition, and the selected entries will go into our first ever Photobook! What’s a Photobook? It’s a yearbook that holds the best works of our very own photographers, and this will be showcased in any future events that Photoclub is involved. One of it would be the O-week!

So if you are keen in getting your photographs into this yearbook, here’s what you should do! This is a competition that is open to ALL UNSW Photoclub members, with 6 different categories that you can enter into. Each member is entitled to submit up to 6 photos, in any combination of your preference, for all the categories. Submissions is now opened! And this will last through for an approximate of a month, ending at midnight of 5th November 2010! So act now! And keep your photos coming in! Results of the respective winners will be announced on the 7th of November!

The 6 general categories of entry for this competition are,

1. Portraiture & People – This category includes Fashion!

2. Landscapes & Architecture – Including Cityscapes, Nightscapes, Urban and Rural.

3. Nature & Animals – Such as Macro, Flowers, Wild and Domestic Animals

4. Abstract & Artistic – Includes Conceptual

5. Still LifeFood, Object, Product, Transport and Automobile

6. Photojournalism, Street & Events Sports, Fireworks, Performance and the Arts.

Click here for the competition’s terms and conditions. It is crucial that you read them carefully, not to miss any detail. After which, SUBMIT AWAY! We really look forward to seeing your submissions, and we are sure it’d be a tough decision on which is the best! 🙂

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