Friday’s Tutorial:

Does anyone of you have any burning questions to ask but never got the chance to? HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED!

This week’s tutorial is for you to ask any questions that you ever had for photography, and we will answer them at our very best. We will also be discussing the common mistakes, the dos and don’ts of photography! It would help if you could email your questions to us before Friday, and we will answer in that tutorial.

List of topics which will be discussed:
1. Composition
2. Exposure
3. Natural & Artificial Lighting
4. Lenses/Filters
5. Post-processing

Join us this Friday and we are sure to help you IMPROVE your photography!


Sydney’s Art and About Festival rolls into action for its 9th year!

To be part of this festival, simply join us for a photowalk through the heart of Sydney, walking past several art installations that are scattered all around the Sydney’s secret laneways and streets!

For this week’s outing, we will be primarily focusing on film and lomography, so that you can put what you’d learnt in last week’s tutorial into practice! But but but! Fret not, if you don’t own a film camera or a lomo camera, digital is also most welcomed!

It would be this Saturday, 25th of September at 11am – 2pm. Photoclub will be meeting outside Custom’s House, at Circular Quay. And all the fun and snapping starts right from there! 😀

Click here for the Map of the walk!

And if you wanna know more about the festival, check it out here!

Before or during the walk, if you can’t find your way or any other issues, you can always contact one of our execs on this event.

Clarissa: 0421 796 988

Peter: 0422 075 656

Outing is also open to UPA. Proof of membership is required – PhotoSoc, Exposure and Photoclub!

We look forward to seeing you guys there for this art festival!

To avoid this post from looking a little too cluttered with too much information. Be sure to check back soon for some very important announcements and details that we have to tell you about upcoming events, including studio photoshooooooots!