Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!

Competition, Studio Shoot and Floriade! Which do you want to know about first?

Alright, I can’t hear you over the Internet so I’m gonna tell you about the Photobook Competition first! 😛

We’ll be having an annual Photobook Competition and I urge you to keep a lookout for all the competition details becauseeeeee we have very attractive prizes to give out!

Now studio shoot? Not yet, I’m calling out to those who registered for the Canberra Roadtrip next. Peopleeeee, expect an update on all that you need to know for this roadtrip very very shortly! Don’t forget to mark on your calendars the 2nd and 3rd of October. It’s the weekend that you’d be having heaps of fun with Photography and Photoclub!

Ok. Studio Shoot #2! To those who missed it the previous session, this is your chance! Listen up! Next Monday, on the 27th of September, make sure you’re free and at 10pm, drop your pens or whatever you are doing and log onto our website here at for the details of the studio shoot. We will not be sending out emails to each and everyone this time round. So make sure you register ASAP when the details are released. As you already know, these studio workshops fill up in just matter of hours!

Have a great week ahead!