ARC Club of the Year!

Hello everyone!

We hope the mid-session break had been treating you well, allowing you the time for sufficient rest and play! Here’s a little announcement we’d like to make!

It’s the time of the year! ARC members can now nominate their choice for ARC Club of the Year! Shouting out to all ARC members, if you think Photoclub deserves the ‘People’s Choice: ARC Club of the Year Award’, then give your vote to PHOTOCLUB!

Unfortunately, if you are not an ARC member, you will not be eligible to vote in this award. However, you could help by finding a friend who’s an ARC member, and ask them to vote for us!

It’s a quick step to vote, simply follow the link here!

And right here, we’d also included a step-by-step guide just in case you can’t find our club name or other minor glitch in the voting process.

Firstly, enter your 7-digit student number.

Next, under the drop-down bar, pick PHOTOCLUB as your ARC Club of the year! (Note: We are named as PHOTOCLUB instead of UNSW Photoclub.)

Submit by clicking ‘Vote Now’, and Dang! You’re DONE!

On behalf of the all Photoclub members, we thank you for your support and voting in this People’s Choice ARC Club of the year! It does mean a lot to us!