Photo Marathon

Date: Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Time: 9.40am – 4:00pm

Location: Meet @ Archibald Fountain @ Hyde Park

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A photo marathon is a competition, where the photographers are given certain topics to interpret within a time limit. Come join us and find out more! Attractive prizes to be won!

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Point of Contact(s):

Nick – +61 402 419 993

Alfred – +61 410 125 840

Albert – +61 430 880 604

Rebecca – +61 403 858 005


1. Participants must use digital cameras (any model) to shoot photographs during the UNSW PhotoClub Photo Marathon.
2. CF/SD formats are the only storage formats accepted. UNSW PhotoClub is not responsible for problems with reading/downloading images.
3. Participants can use any form of transportation during the UNSW PhotoClub Photo Marathon.
4. All photographs will be judged on the following key criteria:
• Creativity in theme interpretation
• Use of colours and light/shadows
• Composition of photographs
• Relevance to theme
5. All entries must fulfill the following conditions:
• Photographs must be submitted on time.
• Photographs must be based on the designated themes.
• All photo entries should be respectful of privacy rights.
• Participants must abide by the rules & regulations of the competition venue.
6. All digital photographs submitted must be new works that have been shot on 20 March 2010 during the competition hours and solely by the participants. Participants submitting images that were shot earlier or were shot by proxies will be disqualified.
7. Images for download must be at the highest resolution available on the camera. Images must be provided in JPEG format only. No raw files will be accepted. Images are not to be altered by any image editing software.
8. Participants must be present to receive the theme tasks at the following times (approximately 1.5 hours/theme):
• 1st theme: 10:00
• 2nd theme: 12:00
• 3rd theme: 14:00
9. Participants must report to checkpoints and download their selected photos by the following times:
• 1st theme: 11:30
• 2nd theme: 13:30
• 3rd theme: 15:30
10. If any participants fail to report at the mentioned time, they will be immediately disqualified for that category.
11. Participants must submit photos in person. No proxy submissions will be allowed during the UNSW PhotoClub Photo Marathon.
12. UNSW PhotoClub will not be responsible for providing photographic equipment, including spare batteries, lenses, or additional memory cards. All participants are expected to come prepared with all necessary photographic equipment.
13. Participants must take care of their personal belongings. UNSW PhotoClub will not be responsible for any losses or damages.