Welcome Aboard!

Firstly, we would like to say hi to all new of the new PhotoClub members and to returning members a warm welcome back! We will try our best to make it a fun, interesting and exciting year for everyone. We intend to introduce other aspects of photography such as lomography and some film based activities which includes a hands on darkroom session.

We would like this year to be a year of active participation by all club members. We still have openings in the Executive team so if you see something that you would like to do let us know and we will set you up.

If you are interested in running a tutorial or workshop in an aspect of photography that you feel you are qualified, do let us know. There is always room in our schedule of events for a good workshop and plenty of people to attend that would like to learn.

Drop by our new site often for updated information with regard to our events. This site is an extension of the club and is what you make of it as club members.

We hope you will enjoy the upcoming year and we will do my best to make it fun and interesting for all.


Executive Team
UNSW PhotoClub