2019 PhotoClub Hoodies & T-Shirts

Winter has come and hoodies are ready to go! We are bringing you new hoodies for 2019 as we brace for the winter.

Currently hoodies are discounted to $35 and you can combo them with t-shirts for a discounted total of $45 for two merch items!

Pre-order your hoodies now to ensure we have the correct size for you. This will only be guaranteed for ~1 week.

Merch is now available here: https://forms.gle/X5ELwikk7pj4uMiS8

If you haven’t already, and would like to try your size – let us know and we’ll have them at the tutorial this Friday for you!

Questions? Send us an email at: mail@unswphoto.com or shoot us a message on Facebook!

Harry Gougousidis