Monthly Challenge Terms and Conditions

Competition Requirements

The following are conditions that must be met for an entry to qualify for the Monthly Competitions.

  • Entrants must be a current member of the UNSW PhotoClub
  • Each entrant is entitled to a total of two submissions for the competition.
  • You can submit less than two.
  • All entries must not consist of any profanity, pornographic content, or be disrespectful to any race or religion
  • Entrants must be the author and sole owner of all submissions
  • All entries must not have been entered into previous or other competitions
  • There are no formal time limits for when entries were taken
  • Entrants retain all rights to their entries, but must understand that images submitted to the competition can be used by UNSWPhotoClub for marketing/promotional purposes of the UNSW PhotoClub – Entries will not be used by or handed over to any third parties outside the PhotoClub, unless they are within the above stated purposes.


Submission Guidelines

Submission Requirements: Each Image must be of the following approximate dimensions:

  • Images must also not have any added framing, borders, watermarks, words, or captions within it, or it may be disqualified. – The title of entries and photographer details are to be submitted separately in the email as per the following instructions in the submission procedures.
  • General photo editing is allowed, but complete photo manipulation is not. – Basic editing of colour, contrast, vignetting, black and white conversion, general correction via content aware, etcare allowed, but not wholescale replacement or inclusion of elements in a photo. Major manipulation of colours or added special effects are also generally not encouraged.
  • If the image is chosen as the winner or runner-up, UNSW PhotoClub will then request for the full resolution image that is suitable for printing if needed. – If the above image dimensions are too large for email attachment, you may make an appointment with an executive member and submit via thumb drive.
  • All competition entries must be received by the date set in the competition announcement email.


Submission Procedure: 

Competition Creators

  • The 2016 competition creators are Rebecca Zhou and William Yeung.
  • The competition creators are required to come up with the theme of each monthly competition.
  • Competition creators are not permitted to submit to the competition.

Competition Judges

  • The 2016 competition judges are Damien Ching, Charlotte Beloe and Benjamin Lou-Wong.
  • The judging team are not permitted to submit to the competition.
  • The judging team  has the final say on all winners, and any disqualifications that may occur in the duration of the competition

Judging Process

  • All entries are independently judged against a defined set of criteria that takes into account the subject matter, techique, execution and overall quality of the photograph.
  • The competition is judged solely by the judging team. Submitting members of the executive team do not have any influence in the judging process.


  • The competition shall have one winner and one runner-up.
  • Winners will be announced via email, as well as on the UNSW PhotoClub Facebook page
  • Winners will be announced after the deadline announced in the email.



  • Prizes are to be determined by the UNSW PhotoClub executive committee and are subject to change.