Hello all! Joining UNSW PhotoClub allows you more than just the weekly workshops, tutorials and outings. We’ll also be offering various job opportunities for all of you! These job positions/volunteer work allow you to gain real-life experience, giving you the opportunity to be in the shoes of a professional photographer!

If you have a job available and need a photographer, please fill in the following form: Photography Jobs Form

The form is not for photographers: If you are a photographer wanting to do a job, please use the contact details provided for each of the jobs as listed below.


Photographer For UNSW Economics Society

(Added 22/05/18)

We are looking for a photographer who can take professional LinkedIn headshots for our students! Having experience is great, and lighting equipment is preferred.

Starting Date and Time: 23/05/18 16:00:00
Ending Date and Time: 23/05/18 17:00:00
Contact Name: Emma
Contact Number: 042 822 3123
Contact Email: emma.chow@unswecosoc.com
Pay: As a student society, we aren’t able to provide a fee, however any help is greatly appreciated.
Location: Kensington campus – Law building
Organisation: UNSW Economics Society

Photographer For Harrison Mintz

(Added 13/03/18)

Hi, I’m an exchange student at UNSW from Boston. My home university is doing a feature on me and my abroad experience and I’d like to get some sunrise portraits of myself for it. I’m looking for someone with a good camera to meet me at Coogee one morning for sunrise and take some photos of me (if you know of a better sunrise photo spot I would be happy to me there instead). I think it should only take around 15-20 minutes of your time so pretty fast. Also, this form required that I pick a date but my schedule is quite flexible and really I can do any morning where the sky is expected to be clear. Thanks and feel free to reach out. – Harrison

Starting Date and Time: 3/3/2018 6:35:00
Ending Date and Time:  Before End of Semester
Contact Name: Harrison Mintz
Contact Number: +61 498 564 607
Contact Email: hmintz@babson.edu
Pay: $15
Location: Coogee Beach



(Added 14/10/17)

Looking for Social Media Content Creator/Photographer (Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest)

Lots of details for this job, download this document for details: USFIN ATELIER Job-Listing