Week 1 – Welcome + Camera Technique + BBQ & Cockatoo Island

Events! Week 1 Friday Tutorial: Welcome & Camera Techniques + Barbeque & Drinks! Week 1 Outing: Cockatoo Island PhotoWalk Week 2 Friday Tutorial: Portraiture – Studio Week 2 Outing: Studio Shoot (more details soon) Week 3 Friday Social: Dodgeball As always, message the Facebook page or email if you have any questions! Welcome to PhotoClub for 2019 – I hope […]

Themed Competition: Club Colours

To start off the year show us how inspired you can be with the club’s very own colours: yellow/orange and blue. We want you to feel at home here at PhotoClub so this competition welcomes any photos (max 2) that incorporate one or more of those colours – that’s it! Judging is based mainly on […]

PhotoClub At O-Week!

University is about to kick off for 2019! That means O-Week is around the corner – come visit us! Our stall will be upper walkway: Mon-Wed: UW4 Thurs-Fri: UW2 We would love to have you onboard for 2019 whether you’ve never held a camera, just started or are an experienced photographer. We hold weekly events, […]

Themed Challenge – Spring

Spring is all about welcoming the new and renewing the old. This season often breathes of something fresh, making photography in this period particularly popular due to the blooms of flora, abundance of fauna and typically warmer weather. ~ Capture a moment that might mark the revival of something old, some key words for reference […]

Week 13 – Sculptures by the Sea

Events! Week 13 Friday – Sculptures by the Sea As always, message the Facebook page or email if you have any questions! If you have not signed up on Orgsync, do so here. Ensure you join both our Facebook page and Facebook group – let us know if your Facebook name is different! Week 13 Friday – Sculptures by the Sea: […]