What do we do?

  • Tutorials

    Every Friday @ 4PM during term. We hold a range of tutorials based on themes e.g. landscape, night, astro, videography, macro... There's also FREE PIZZA & DRINKS roughly every second week.

  • Outings

    PhotoClub conducts studio shoots and PhotoWalks around Sydney on weekends to hone tutorial and workshop skills and for new and diverse subjects.

  • Workshops

    For those wanting to develop their base-level photography skills, we hold workshops on Exposure, Focus, Composition, Lightroom and Photoshop.

  • RoadTrips

    We hold short RoadTrips to adventure into new landscapes with a group of like-minded photography and travel enthusiasts. Check out some of the past trips!

  • Competitions

    Like prizes and competition? Well we've got weekly, outing and themed, amongst other photography competitions, for you...along with prizes!

  • Equipment Loans

    Need to borrow a camera, lens, tripod or flash? We've got you sorted!

  • Jobs

    Need some extra experience or cash? Check out our available job opportunities.

  • Sales

    Have some old gear you want to make some cash from? Then let us advertise it for you!

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Latest News

  • Week 1 – Welcome + Camera Technique + BBQ & Cockatoo Island

    Events! Week 1 Friday Tutorial: Welcome & Camera Techniques + Barbeque & Drinks! Week 1 Outing: Cockatoo Island PhotoWalk Week 2 Friday Tutorial: Portraiture – Studio Week 2 Outing: Studio Shoot (more details soon) Week 3 Friday Social: Dodgeball As always, message the Facebook page or email if you have any questions! Welcome to PhotoClub for 2019 – I hope […]

  • Themed Competition: Club Colours

    To start off the year show us how inspired you can be with the club’s very own colours: yellow/orange and blue. We want you to feel at home here at PhotoClub so this competition welcomes any photos (max 2) that incorporate one or more of those colours – that’s it! Judging is based mainly on […]

  • PhotoClub At O-Week!

    University is about to kick off for 2019! That means O-Week is around the corner – come visit us! Our stall will be upper walkway: Mon-Wed: UW4 Thurs-Fri: UW2 We would love to have you onboard for 2019 whether you’ve never held a camera, just started or are an experienced photographer. We hold weekly events, […]