Guest Speakers

This page features a range of events that have previously involved Guest Speakers, to give you an idea of the types of speakers that occasionally present at our Friday Tutorials!



Week 5: Food Photography with Simon Park

Date: 23/9/2016
Time: 4pm – 5:00pm
Location: Chemical Sciences Building M11

We all love food, and clearly from the overwhelming amount of posts on Instagram, we love taking photos of it too! But sometimes our photos aren’t as mouth-watering as the real deal. If you’re keen to know how to get your photos looking cookbook professional, come along this Friday and learn from one of the best in the business.

Simon Park is one of the finest food and lifestyle bloggers Sydney has to offer. Being the man behind “The Heart of Food” he explores the realm of food photography one bite at a time. Simon has been published in Gourmet rabbit and has been involved with a number of commercial and private projects including the high profile SMH “Shoot the Chef” competition.

Simon’s Blog:


Week 6: Fashion Photography with Myles Kalus!

Date: 2/9/2016
Time: 4pm – 5:00pm
Location: Chemical Sciences Building M11

*This event is open to Photoclub members only (please bring your membership cards)

This week, we will have Myles Kalus as our guest speaker! He will be speaking about his experience as a working, fashion photographer.

Don’t know who Myles is? Well, Myles is a Sydney-based street photographer behind one of Australia’s top street style blogs, Keishikibi. Every week, he walks the streets, constantly on the lookout for the best street style Aussies have to offer. His work has appeared in a number of international publications such as Glamour Magazine Germany and

Check out his blog here:
And fun fact, Myles used to be an executive of UNSW PhotoClub!



Week 3: Event Photography Tutorial with Chris James

Date: Friday 16th August 2013 
Time: 4pm-6pm 
Location: Theatre 8, Central Lecture Block (CLB) 

Have you ever been to birthday party and wished you took a better photo of your friend’s special moment? Or have you ever been asked by your parents to photograph them on their wedding anniversary? In those moments, did you wish that you knew how to make your photographs turn out better? Fortunately for you, we’ve got you covered. This Friday, we’ll have, Chris James, an experienced event photographer that’ll tell you all the things you need to know about how to photograph events! So, if you’re keen on capturing great photos on those special occasions, keep this Friday free! This is a public event so invite your friends to come along!

Check out his work here!



Week 9: Car Photography with Jayson Fong

Date: Friday 10th May 2013 
Time: 4pm-6pm 
Location: M11 Chemical Science Building (Lower Campus) 

Some could argue that Car Photography is a form of seduction, with many tips and techniques that entice the consumer. If you are a fan of cars, or are looking to get into the professional industry, come along and learn some valuable lessons, that only a pro like Jayson can teach us.

Check his work out here.



Week 6: Fashion Photography with Joshua Belinfante

Date: Friday 19th April 2013 
Time: 4pm-6pm 
Location: M17 Chemical Science Building (Lower Campus) 

So for those of you who have been following the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, this will be of interest to you! Especially, since Photographer Joshua Belinfante will be joining us as guest speaker! Check out his website here.

Fashion is a vibrant, glamourous and exhilarating field of photography. In today’s world of consumerism there is continuous demand across the photography industry for skill, originality and innovation. Come along, to get a taste of this highly creative field of photography.

* Note: Remember to bring your cameras so we can do some experimenting!

* This event is open to PhotoClub members only – please bring your membership cards.



Date: Friday, 14th September 2012
Time: 4pm – 6pm
Location: Central Lecture Block, Lecture Theatre 6 (Upstairs)
After travelling around much of the world while working as a scientist, Dr John Xiong settled down in Sydney with his family in 1995. Although photography had always been his leisure time passion, he was particularly impressed by the beauty of Sydney as well as every bit of Australia, from jewel-like coral cays on the Great Barrier Reef to timeless escarpments of the sun-soaked outback.  He had to contemplate the inevitable, and eventually left his beloved career at CSIRO, and became a full time photographer. He is now highly successful, even having published several books of his works.
* This event is open to everyone!



Wedding Photography with  Daniel Chueng 

Date: Friday, 24th August 2012
Time: 4pm – 6pm
Location: Central Lecture Block, Lecture Theatre 6 (Upstairs)

This week we have invited guest lecturer, Daniel Cheung to enlighten us about the world of wedding photography!

“I am a wedding photographer because I value marriage a lot. I want to give everyday couples a wonderful experience that makes their wedding day unforgettable. The photographs are just a small portion of what I actually provide to my clients. To me, there is no greater responsibility than being your wedding photographer. I believe my attitude towards marriage is reflected in each and every single image I deliver.” Learn more about him here.
So whether you have questions about bridezilla’s or bouquets, join us in learning how to be become a pro, from a pro!

* This event is open to PhotoClub members only – please bring your membership cards


Oliver Lang – Mobile Photography Tutorial & Talk 
Date: Friday, 17th August 2012
Time: 3.30 -5.30pm
Location: Central Lecture Block 6 (CLB6)

“I believe that, more than ever before, photography is about a community and a culture, rather than the camera.” – Olly. Photography is a language, an expression of culture, diversity, and can be a prime platform for togetherness. This year Artsweek is all about Coming Together so UNSW PhotoClub thought what better way to draw a close to Artsweek than to invite a guest photographer that could sum it all up for us.

This week we invite Oliver Lang, a.k.a. Olly, a professional street and documentary photographer who shoots with nothing but an iPhone. Olly has been featured on and and print publications such as the Daily Telegraph and was recently interviewed for the ABC Art Nation television series. Olly’s Flickr:

* This event is open to everyone!


Easton Chang Car Photography Talk

Date: Friday, 11th May 2012
Time: 4:00PM – 6:00PM 
Location: Lecture Theatre M17, Chemical Science Building

Ever wanted to shoot like a professional automotive photographer? Get the know-how, tips, and insider knowledge of automobile photography this Friday from one of Sydney’s finest photographers in the field, Easton Chang. Check out his website here:

* Bring your camera & flash (if you have one) – There may be a practical element to this talk!

Open to UNSW PhotoClub members only. Please remember to bring your membership cards for identification!

As one of Australian’s leading car photographers, Easton Chang is known for his unique photography style bridging the gap between concepts and visual imaging. His work has regularly been published on magazine covers and big budget manufacturer campaigns. Easton’s photographic skill set has attracted many clients including; Audi, Jaguar, Mazda, CAR, Wheels, Motor, Car and Driver and Street Machine. Easton’s passion for cars and photography has earned him the respect from many car photographers and aficionados from across the globe.

This self-taught photographer has won staggering number of photography awards, including runner up Advertising Photographer of the Year 2011, by Australian Professional Photography Awards. Giving back to the community, Easton has been recently appointed as one of the judging panel for APA (Australian Photography Award). Aware on the growth of photography in the society, Easton continues to develop new ideas and techniques to meet the demand of his clients.



Eric Kim Street Photography Talk

Date: Friday, 20th April 2012
Time: 4:00PM – 6:00PM (Week 7)
Location: Lecture Theatre M17, Chemical Sciences Building (Code: F10 on map)
Map: Click here

An International Street Photographer from L.A., Eric Kim will be speaking at a free public talk organised by the UNSW PhotoClub. Eric gained popularity in the online world through his blog and the workshops he runs in various countries all over the world. His positive teaching outlook helps students overcome fears of photographing strangers up close and instead encourages them to engage with their subjects.

Eric has collaborated with Leica, the Magnum photographers collective, and the Invisible Photographer Asia. He has recently taught a university level street photography course at UC Riverside Extension. Come down with questions and listen for street shooting tips, tricks and amusing anecdotes!

Eric Kim’s Website: Click here

Open to public so bring your friends!



Join us for an evening of photojournalism photography 101 with guest speaker Nick Moir.

This is a free event hosted by UNSW PhotoClub and is open to the public.

Date: FRIDAY 16 SEPTEMBER 2011, 5PM.


Nick Moir began work as staff photographer at The Sydney Morning Herald in 1993. He is passionate about photographing severe weather such as storm and bushfire photography and began chasing storms in 1998. He has claimed the title of Australian Press Photographer of the Year, International Environmental Photographer of the Year and won the World Press Photo award for the 2002 – 2003 bushfires coverage.



Join us for an evening of photography-talk with guest speaker Daniel Boud a.k.a “The Boudist”

This is a free event hosted by UNSW PhotoClub and is open to the public.

Date: FRIDAY 20 MAY 2011, 5PM.



Daniel has been published in: SPIN, Rolling Stone, NME, Vanity Fair, The Sydney Morning Herald, Dazed and Confused, Nylon, Drum Media, and  Mess and Noise. Daniel has been commissioned by: Sydney Festival, Foxtel, Vivid Sydney, EMI, Laneway Festival, General Pants, Sydney Opera House, MTV, University of Sydney and more.



We’re kicking off our first guest speaker talk of 2012 in style with one of Sydney’s finest fashion photographers, Xiaohan Shen.

Xssat is by Xiaohan Shen, fashion photographer, street style blogger and regular contributing photographer for Born out of her love for photography and fashion in 2008, from its humble beginnings, Xssat has gone from strength to strength. More than 3 years on, Xiaohan has shot style setters Worldwide, from the side walks of London, New York, Paris, Sydney and more. Xssat is now Australia’s top street style blog and is’s regular street style photographer.

 Friday 23 March 2012, 5PM – 6PM

Chemical Science Building M17

UNSW, Kensington Campus

This event is open to everyone so bring your friends!