PhotoDash 2012

UNSWPhotoclub Presents: PhotoDash 2012

What’s this PhotoDash you may ask? It’s only the biggest event of the year!! Following the award winning event last year, PhotoDash is back! PhotoDash is an Amazing Race type of event mixed with photography! So not only do you test yourself physically, but also mentally! In teams of 4 you will be running across Sydney CBD for your chance to win some awesome prizes!

Still not convinced? Well then check this out! Now you’re excited right?

Photographers of all levels are welcomed to participate – Amateurs to Professionals, Phone cameras to DSLR’s

How to sign up?

If you are keen to take on this challenge you can REGISTER HERE!
Registration Deadline:  SUNDAY 8PM 22nd of July 2012

You can sign up in a few different ways:

*If you and three friends have a team – Awesome! Make sure everyone in your team registers with the same name, so we know you are together.
*If you don’t have a team – Don’t worry! You will be allocated a team by 8PM on Friday, 21st of July. This gives you a chance to meet your team members at our Friday tutorial!
*If you register without a team, but then find one – Please update us with your new team name by emailing us at Also, don’t forget to let us know who else is in your team.

Rules and Regulations

1) **Participants must be members of the UNSWPhotoClub** (Find out how to sign up)
2) Members wishing to participate must register before the 8th of July 2012.
3) Due to the nature of the event, only Digital photographs will be judged. No Film.
4) Memory cards used on the day must be empty and are subject to be checked by the Club to ensure there is no cheating
5) Being a Race, a sense of urgency and competition is encouraged, but of course sensibility and safety are a priority
6) Members have to submit to being tracked or receive calls from executives to update them on their positions and statuses.
7) Pictures taken on the day have to be submitted at the last Pit stop. – In other words there will be no allowance for post processing.
8) Each team will receive points at each checkpoint for completing tasks depending on the team’s creativity and order of arrival
9) To speed this process up
a. The club will only be receiving the best photos selected by the teams
b. The club will only accept JPEG files, no RAW sorry!
10)  The club will provide SD card and CF card readers for transferring submissions to the club execs’ laptops. If members are using a camera that does not use any of these memory storage forms; i.e. Camera phones, members are expected to provide their own cables
11)  Teams will be disqualified or awarded demerits when the club judges submissions if discovered to be cheating
a. submitting photos taken before the start of the race
b. attempting to skip checkpoints
c. do checkpoints in the wrong order
d. take excessive amounts of time to reach the next checkpoint.
12)  Members will be filmed throughout the event and a video would be compiled and uploaded onto the internet for promotional purposes.
13)  Photos will be judged after the event by the whole committee and Prizes will be given out in the subsequent weeks.
14)  Prizes worth $700 will go out to the team which arrives first, Team with the most points and the best individual photo. Each winning team member will receive a prize!

So what are you waiting for? Register now for a fun-filled photography day and don’t forget to RSVP to the Event on Facebook! HERE!

For further information, or any questions, drop us an email at  and we’ll get back to you ASAP!