PhotoClub Goes Bowling!

Term 3 Week 4 Social: PhotoClub Goes Bowling! 

Date: 07/10/22 (Friday) 

Time: 16:30 – 18:30 

Meeting Location: Outside of Tyree Building (Near UNSW Anzac Parade) 



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This week, PhotoClub is changing things up: we’re doing a Social on Friday!  The club will be subsidizing the price so the cost will be $13 down from $22. After the game is finished it’s up to you – we can play more games, go to the arcade, have dinner or simply go home for a night of unluckiness (kidding!). So, the cost is $13 for Arc members and $15 for non-Arc members. 




We’ll be meeting outside the Tyree Building at 4:30pm to catch a bus/light rail to Strike Entertainment Quarter (please don’t be late!). If you want to meet us at Strike Entertainment Quarter, please let us know! 


This event is open to 2022 PhotoClub members only! 
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