Week 1 Tutorial: Videography II!

Date: 18/09/2020
Time: 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Location: Online!

Points of Contact:

1. Anson – via Facebook Page
2. Izzaldin – +61 423 388 884

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Want to start making videos, but don’t know the next step? Finding ways to enhance your video quality? Well, you’re in luck as we present another videography session to PhotoClub this year! As a continuation of our first videography tutorial, we’re going to discuss more advanced videography skills, including five major topics:

– Story board
– Multicamera
– Timelapse & hyperlapse
– Sound effects & music selection
– Advanced colour grading (picture profile & lookup table)

We’ll also be having a video editing demonstration, as usual, using Adobe Premiere Pro, to show how a PhotoClub event video is created.
Whether you’re a novice vlogger, an expert in the area, or simply want to learn a new skill to supplement photography, join us this Friday at 4pm on YouTube to get into the world of moving images and the future of social media!

Although we’ll be introducing new topics, we recommend watching the previous videography tutorial held in Term 2 2020 which covered the basic topics of videography.

Link to Term 2 2020 Videography tutorial: https://youtu.be/ard02ynR2F4

Link to Videography II live stream: https://youtu.be/baq00juSzMU

Unable to watch the livestream in real-time? Watch the livestream using the same link after it has finished, although we highly recommend members to watch it in real-time so you can ask questions and interact with our speakers.

*This event is open to 2020 PhotoClub members only (please do not share link with non-members).
Not a member? Sign-up online: unswphoto.com/join-us