Week 9 – Fire Photography w/ Circusoc


Week 9 Monday: Fire Photography w/ Circusoc

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Week 9 Monday: Fire Photography w/ Circusoc

Date: 15/04/2019
Time: 19:00pm – 21:00pm
Location: Physics Lawn

Points of Contact:
1. Chris: +61 418 262 554

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Join us for our last event of the term as we collab with our friends over at Circusoc for a fire photography shooting session! It is rare that you get the opportunity to test your cameras as people play with fire on campus!!! So join as the sun sets and fire is lit!

Items to bring could include:

Camera: DSLR, MILC, Compact, Film, Mobile, as long as it takes pictures!

*This event is open to 2019 UNSW PhotoClub members only (please bring your membership card).

Want to borrow some equipment for free? Check out the list here

Coverage Program

UNSW PhotoClub is aiming to revive one of its older programs, “Coverage”. It aims to provide UNSW societies and organisations with photographers. This service is voluntary, however it has perks.

  • As it’s not a professional job, you won’t be expected to provide hundreds of pictures but rather 5/hr.
  • You will of course be credited online so your account will get shout outs each time the photos are posted (both by the organisation and PhotoClub itself!).
  • It’s a great opportunity to gain experience in event photography without the pressure of being paid and expand your horizon.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to meet new people, network and expand your reach.
  • You’ll be given free access to the event and any other perks that the organisation would like you to have.

The first job for this program is out now and you can find details about that and the program, by clicking on this link!

Importantly, if you would like to be on the mailing list to hear about new opportunities, please fill out this form. If you have any queries feel free to email us at: coverage@unswphoto.com