Week 11 Semester 1 2017!

Good Morning PhotoClubbers!

With exams right around the corner, I hope all that studying isn’t stressing you out!

A big thank you to those that attended UNSWFabSoc fashion photoshoot last Wednesday. I’m sure everyone’s social media has exploded with thousands of followers and likes! It was a huge success and I hope to have many more collabs with FabSoc in the future!

We didn’t have an outing last weekend, however there was a mobile photography tutorial on Friday. It was nice to see the workflow and processes of Damien and Julie. I hope everyone has been experimenting with their phones! It’s always great to have a light and portable camera with you! Who needs expensive DSLRs right?!

Coming up this Friday is a Lightroom Free-for-All, a bunch of unedited RAW files will be provided to give you an opportunity to explore and experiment. So, bring your editing devices and let’s edit together! Come along if you fancy chilled editing sessions accompanied by pizza and drinks!

Photoclub and TrickSoc will be combining creative forces to bring you an awesome collab! Here’s a great opportunity to get your shot in for the #unswpcsilence monthly competition!

Hoodies are dropping real soon, so make your payment to secure yours for winter! Keep your eyes peeled for our week 13 outing with CircusSoc!

Quick reminder, don’t forget to complete the signup for our Melbourne Road Trip! Places are filling up quick!
See you all soon!

Marketing Manager