Week 5 Semester 1 2017!

Good evening PhotoClubbers! I hope that you enjoyed the Cockatoo Island outing last weekend as well as the pizza and movie night we held. Unfortunately the rain meant we couldn’t hold the BBQ, nevertheless, congrats to those who sat through the entire film until 7:30!

It’s been great seeing so many photos going up in the ‘UNSW PhotoClub 2017’ group – hopefully it’s inspiring everyone to go out and shoot more! Don’t forget about the photo competition #UNSWPCLINES on at the moment as well as the HOODIE design competition for our new hoodie! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to shoot the page a message . Also check out the events that were put up yesterday if you haven’t already as well as the job opportunity .

As many would know, we held interviews for new Junior Executives last week and I’d like to welcome 5 new members to the team that will help organise and promote great events for everyone!
We welcome:

Benjamin Shen (3rd year Civil Engineering student who enjoys night photography, landscapes and dabbling in calligraphy.)

Julie Poon (1st year Commerce student who enjoys portraiture, still life and spending afternoons at cafes.)

Dylan Kim (2nd year Social Work student who likes portrait, landscape and street photography and often wears different watches each day.)

Harry Gougousidis (1st year Computer/Biomedical Engineering student who started with Photoshop before using cameras.)

Anna Zhang (1st year Software Engineering and Commerce student who enjoys street and landscape photography as well as linux installs.)

For extended bios and for info on the rest of the team visit: https://www.unswphoto.com/about/team/

That’s it from me for now – looking forward to seeing you all for the Film Photography tutorial tomorrow

Christopher, Communications Manager