Week 1 Semester 1 2017!

Hey, all! I hope you all had a great first week at uni.

Firstly, let’s congratulate Christopher Cunio, on becoming our new Communications Manager. He is the one who will be communicating with all of you through Emails, Facebook and the website. Also, let’s all not forget to say farewell to Ash Finn, who has been in that position for the past year. She’s been on the executive team for many years now, and will be missed by all of us. As old faces go, new ones will replace them. If you are interested in contributing back to PhotoClub, now is the perfect time to express your interest. If you are a current member you will have received an email about becoming a junior executive. Expressions of interest will be due next Friday, so get on it! We’re excited to meet you all.

For those who came to the outing on the weekend, I hope you enjoyed your time despite the weather, but don’t worry as this weekend it’ll be sunny. There’ll be plenty of light for those wonderful snaps.

I’m glad that many of you have been sharing your photos to our new Facebook group. It’s always a pleasure to see the amazing photos that you have all taken during the outings, as well as other photos you are proud to share 🙂 Since we removed the old group after 2015, we’ve been missing the voices of our members, so it’s refreshing to hear from all of you again.

For those who are asking about workshops, Workshop A: Exposure, will continue to run this week, along with Workshop B: Focus starting as well. For those who want to do a particular workshop, but aren’t available at the times they are running, just message me and we can organise something 😛

That’s it for now, enjoy the rest of you week <3
-Damien Ching, President