Week 5: Wildlife Photography

This week:

Week 5: Wildlife Photography Tutorial!

Date: Friday 4th April 2014
Time: 4pm-6pm 
Location: Chemical Science, M17

Wildlife photography is one of those genres everyone likes looking at, but never imagines themselves trying. well perhaps we can change your mind. after all, Australia has some of the weirdest (and hence most awesome) animals.

In this weeks tutorial, Sasha and Azhar will be teaching you what photographic skills you need to get great animal photos. and for those who aren’t particularly interested in animals, this knowledge is universal: Whether you are shooting a elephant charging at you or a moving person, you still apply the same techniques.

Please rsvp here via Facebook

* Please bring your camera along to this event

**This event is open to Photoclub members only (please bring your membership cards)

Points of Contact:
Greg: +61 403186243
Week 5: Pizza Night by Pizzaman!

Date: Friday 4th April 2014
Time: 5.45pm-6.15pm
Location: Chemical Science, M17

We’re having a pizza night this week! It’s free pizza for all PhotoClub members after the tutorial. Grab a slice and use this time to have a chat with everyone!

* If you plan on staying for pizza you MUST RSVP by pressing the ‘attending’ button on our event page.

Please RSVP here via Facebook

* This event is open to PhotoClub members only – please bring your membership cards

If you are ever on campus at night and feel like pizza, hit up Pizzaman! http://www.pizzaman.com.au/

Week 5: Taronga Zoo Outing!

Date: Saturday 4th April 2014
Time: 9.45am-2pm (The zoo closes at 5pm so you are more than welcome to stay afterwards)
Location: Meet at Taronga Zoo Ferry Wharf
Cost:  Pre- registered group rate ($25) * more information below

This Saturday, you will get a chance to practice everything you learnt at Friday’s wildlife tutorial when we head to Taronga Zoo. Boasting over 2600 animals (340 species), and esteemed as one of Sydney’s top attractions, this is not one to miss!

We are offering a discounted group rate ($25), However you need to preregister to secure this rate. Conditions of preregistration are included in the registration form linked below. Preregister by Thursday at 11.59pm here. Prepay when we meet for the event.

Please preregister here for the discounted group rate:

Normal entry prices:

Please rsvp here via Facebook

For those who don’t have a eligible student card or miss the preregistration deadline or can’t make a 9.45am start, you are still more than welcome to join us. However, you will have to organise your own entry to the zoo and will not receive the discount rate. Contact us when you are there.

Other than that, be sure to bring your camera and have fun!
*It is important that you are on time for this event, especially those looking to get the group discount rate

** This event is open to PhotoClub members only – please bring your membership cards.

Wet weather plan:
In the event of wet weather, the event will be cancelled and inform everyone via the Facebook event page by 7am Saturday morning (day of the event)

Points of Contact:
Azhar: +61 450316366
Lynda: +61 415125056